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    attaching a thumbnail to a book cover for my eBook

      My gear: Windows Vista Ultimate, 64-bit.
      My objective: Attach a thumbnail version of my eBook cover to my eBook book cover, so the Adobe Digital Edition version will look cool.
      What I've done: With distiller set to eBooks, I've created the PDF book cover and the thumbnail, using Ifan and OpenOffice.
      Result: I'm stuck. My cover is in PDF/A mode. I can't attach.
      You probably already can tell I'm a noob. However, what I have done to solve this problem, follows:
      1.I closed Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard.
      2.Opened my Window folder, so I'd have my PDF thumb and PDF full size cover before me. I minimized this window.
      3.I opened my beloved Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard.
      4.I selected File>Combine>Assemble. I got a blank screen. It says 'Home/ in the upper left hand corner. I call this Window A. I size Window A so it fits the left hand side of the desktop.
      5.I brought up the minimized window. I call it Window B. I sized Window B to it fits the right hand side of my desktop.
      6.I dragged my PDF book cover file, still in PDF/A mode, from Window B, to Window A.
      7.In Window A: I selected File>Combine>Merge Files. I'm 'merging' a single file into a single PDF.
      8. A window appears. It says: File Portfolio1.pdf is a PDF portfolio that contains multiple files. The files within the PDF portfolio have been added to the file list. I clicked OK.
      9.Now I'm in a window titled Combine Files. Single PDF is selected. A red X is in the Remove square, bottom of this window. My PDF/A book cover file is the only file in the list.
      10.I selected my file just to highlight it.
      11.I selected Combine Files.
      12.A save as window opens. I renamed my book cover to Book Cover not in PDF A mode
      13.Now, my non-PDF/A Book cover opens in Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard.
      14.In the lower left hand corner of my Adobe 9 window, I right click the comments icon, and select Attachments.
      15.I select Add a new attachment.
      16.My PDF files come up (they would not come up in PDF/A mode), and I select my thumbnail PDF. It attaches.
      17.Yay. I'm done.

      If there's a quicky professional way to do this, please add to this thread, so I may learn from my mistakes.