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    DDX XML out help

      Hey everyone quick question that I hope someone can help me out with. We are currently in the process of making a switch from our old CMS to websphere and we have a few thousand PDF documents that have hard coded links in them.

      Anyhow I was thinking I might be able to use DDX with CF8 to extract the doc info in XML then use CFDocument to recompile them back again but change the links to be a different URL.

      I have been able to get the XML out with DDX but its not retaing the formatting in the xml or the link information.

      So I guess my question is, is this possible with DDX?

      I also some some people talking about a open source solution called PDFBox, but its all java and I'm not a java expert, but if anyone knows of some tutorials or examples of using this with CF that would be awesome.

      Thanks for any help