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    Scrolling text

      Hi, Does anyone know how to create a box with scrolling text? I would like to present lots of text in a small area and be able to reveal the text with a scroll bar. Similar to the way an inline frame would work.

      Similar to this...

      Thanks for any help.

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          You can use a Floating Box/Layer and set it to scroll the overflow in CSS.

          Place a Layer/Floating Box on your page where you want the text to appear, set the width and height of the box to what you want the text to appear as.

          Then click the stairstep icon in the upper right of the page.

          Click the layer name you have created (probably #layer1).

          Then in the Block Properties tab (cross of arrows icon), click Clipping and set Overflow to Scroll

          Set Clipping to Rect.

          Place the box dimensions in the spaces given, width in Right and height in Bottom, leave Top and Left as auto.

          Then add all of your text to the box in layout.

          It won't look right in GL layout, but it should look right in the browser.

          Let me know if that works for you.
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            That worked perfect!

            Thank You!!
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              Glad to help.
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                Hello Dear,

                I was trying to make a scrolling text box in a page for almost whole day and couldn't make it work. I have a grid that is centered in the page. I want to make the scrolling text box on the grid so that it can float when the window is resized to different sizes. When I use Layer Tool the Scrolling Text Box works fine, but the Layer stays in the same place and doesn't float with the grid. When I use Layout Text Box, it sticks with the grid and float well, but the Scrolling Text Function is not working well (not matter how I try inside of CSS editor). So I am very confused. Also when you mentioned Floating Box, are we talking about Layout Text Box? There is also a tool called Grid Text Box, and I tried that as well without any success. Thanks for support.