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    Gradient mesh kinks

      I am using cs3 on a g5. I have little kinks in the outline of my gradient mesh shape that are impossible to delete or smooth out. Please help because I have a terrible deadline as usual!
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          NotInUse Level 1
          Try selecting the Gradient Mesh, then select the Delete Anchor Point Tool. This will allow you to remove automatically generated "helper" points.

          CS3 has a MAJOR bug with Gradient Meshes - using the Free Transform Tool will cause all points to be converted to Magnetic points. In short, DO NOT use the Free Transform Tool on a Gradient Mesh in CS3.

          CS4 has a bug or lack of functionality where these automatically generated helper points can not be deleted in any way. This is the only version of Illustrator with Gradient Meshes where the above procedure will not function.
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            Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
            As you know Scott that is not a bug it was never actually intended to be something that you would be able to delete but as you also know it will probably put back at sometime in a dot release or the next version. I don't really think it is a big deal for most users and I think the idea you can't do something that you were able to do before, good or bad , is more the issue then the usefulness of function.

            For instance the Flare tool asked if Adobe could drop it the answer was no because somewhere at some time in some universe someone might want to use the star tool which is near the Flare tool so you can't get rid of the Flare tool. Or you can't take away a function that we have without giving us something in exchange for it regardless of how useless it is.

            I know you use it every day.
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              NotInUse Level 1
              >that is not a bug it was never actually intended to be something that you would be able to delete

              Sorry, I completely disagree. If every version of Illustrator with Gradient Mesh functions does something, then CS4 should do it as well. By your logic, Wade, the Free Transform Mesh bug in CS3 is "as intended." You do realize it's okay to state that Adobe has screwed up every now and then. You don't always have to drink the Kool-aid.
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                Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                >You do realize it's okay to state that Adobe has screwed up every now and then. You don't always have to drink the Kool-aid.

                I don't know what this all about but I point out a lot of bugs and faults with the software that Adobe produces. But you do know it is not a bug and I believe the behavior started to change in CS3, you may not like it that they changed something and though they are changing it back they still do not consider it a bug as it was supposed to work that way in the first place.

                As far as the Gradient Mesh and Free Transform tool in CS 3 that is different and I did report even before you did, I know a bug when I see it. The extra points in Outline Strokes as well as this seems related from the way I see it to the Flash integration.

                Just because you see it differently then some one is no reason to start calling names.

                This is the illustrator forum were we can disagree without resorting to nonsense.
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                  NotInUse Level 1
                  No one called anyone names, Wade. Perhaps you need to read a bit more carefully.
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                    Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                    The Kool Aid remark is a bit out of line and unnecessary and if you read more carefully would know that I have lots of disagreements with the functionality of Illustrator especially with regard to Type and justification and column configuration and navigation and just because I agree on many new things it is just a matter of seeing it differently that is all there is to it.
                    You don't have to like but there is no need to make it an issue just because I disagree things differently then you.

                    It was enough to say you still disagree.

                    I thought we were over that phase.
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                      Thanks for your suggestions. I've been deleting stuff that appears invisible. It's bizzare.

                      I've said it before on this forum Illustrator is insane with it's bugs. There's no competition and I've spent 12 hours on this - It would have taken me 5 minutes with an airbrush.

                      Illustrator is Adobes nadir. The polar opposite of Photoshop. Adobe have us over a barrel and it's not good to treat there customers like this. I've been using the software since 88.

                      Should I avoid the gradient mesh and do thing the way I did before with opacity masks?
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                        Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                        I just took another look I don't think the helper points are in themselves a bug, but Scott and you are correct there is a bug there is a bug in the gradient mesh in that the helpers are not acting as they should they should not be acting like anchor points.

                        That does have to be corrected.

                        Scott and you are definitely correct there is a bug. The helpers are supposed to assist in making the mesh adjust to the curve more smoothly and are doing the very opposite of the intended behavior.

                        I would say the best thing would be to get rid o them entirely rather then have the need to delete them, in the current state they are of no help.

                        And I would think for someone doing serious tonal illustrations this might be fairy useless a tool.

                        I apologize Scott for not looking at the issue more carefully, you did soe very good work on this.

                        Perhaps we should all follow u with more reports on this one.

                        BTW Carlo how were you able to delete the helpers without seeing them?

                        I do not ever remember seeing the gradient mesh tool produce this kind of strange curve!

                        A bit unthinkable to allow it. especially since it was pointed out in very strong terms.
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                          I deleted three times on the fourth delete the actual object was deleted. It seemed like invisible layers of mesh information were deleted. Any way it's over now thank god. So I'll go back to gradient opacity masks. I presume this tool is no better in CS4?
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                            Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                            The tool is better in CS4 but it still has this issue it appears.
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                              CupertinoFruit Level 3
                              This is from Wikipedia : The saying "Do not drink the Kool-Aid" now commonly refers to the Jonestown tragedy, meaning "Do not trust any group you find to be a little on the kooky side," or "Whatever they tell you, do not believe it too strongly."
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                                I've found that the way you get rid of these kinks is that you add anchor points on either side of the kink, and then you select those two anchor points and delete. This will delete all the "helper" points between the two points.


                                I don't get why you can't just edit the helper points directly. They show up as mini anchors when you use the Anchor+ and Anchor- tools, but clicking on them using the Anchor- tool does nothing (I guess the developer's never heard of the Principle of Least Astonishment). And then when you click on the anchor selection tool, the helper points all disappear—and that is the most insidious part, as you cannot see the helper points when you are using the convert tool or dragging the handles. So I spent many hours wondering why the vector on one side of the anchor seemingly would not obey/respond to any changes in the handle position.


                                Very, very frustrating until I figured out the adjacent anchors trick...


                                If this is indeed an intended behavior and something which has existed in all previous versions of Illustrator and also in CS5, then there must be some other underlying reasoning or usage method that I am not aware of.

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                                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                                  Yu can delete them in CS 5 and prior to CS 3 you could as well holding I believe the shift key while using the delete anchor point tool.


                                  You can in cs 4 s well.