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        Dear Stephen,

        Thank you for your post. I have tried again with the procedure that I find in the previous post but the save problem still remains.

        And suddenly I find another problem which i am not sure if it related to the Adobe Creative Suite. After I reinstalled the Creative Suite last week, my computer seems to turn slow when the computer start loading the Windows.

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          I have managed to save my illustrattor documents into the .ai, .eps and any other formats but i have a problem for whenever am opening documents i had initialy saved i get the following error: "The embedded color profile in this document will be discarded, because your color settings are configured for Adobe Illustrator 6.0 Compatible color management.
          Emebedded: sRGB IEC61966-2.1 "
          And after that I cant save at all for i get the error as everyone else in this forum. I cant also see any of my fonts even the default ones i use neither can i find the Shell folder\file and Transparency Flattener Presets file.
          What should i do?
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            Support Knowledgebase 332690 seems to address this issue. The problem is if solution 1 doesn't work (it didn't for me) it just gives workarounds. Given the number of posts on this, what else can be done to resolve this? It's definately tied to fonts.... any font on my system. Can we have a "font" solution to go with the "transparency" solution already given? Thanks, Dan
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              I just tried this workaround to no avail. So far the only format I cannot save to is PDF. And even this is inconsistent; I have managed to save a handful of PDFs for no apparent reason, with all the conditions equal.
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                Support Document 332690 worked for me. I renamed the TransFlat setting file and everything is good.
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                  We are having some of the same problems listed above. Working on large map files (up to 30"x40") in CS on XP machines.

                  We link our background .tif or .psd files during the production phase and generally have no problem saving. Upon embedding the files and saving as .pdf compatible files near the completion of projects we occasionally get the "unknown error" message which none of the above work-arounds seem to fix.

                  My question is whether Mac based machines running CS or CS2 are having the same issues? And is Adobe willing to look at our problem files and try to determine a cause/come up with a solution?


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                    I have been experiencing a similar issue - suing ILL CS2 and saving as PDF and PDF comes up blank. i thought it was because i was using a linked logo file someone else created. but suddenly i got one PDF to show the linked logo file but NOT the text box i had created...
                    i tried removing the settings folder. i rebooted. still can't save ai as pdf today. never any problems in the past 6 months though...
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                      I found the answer! I was using a blank envelope #10 template.
                      I drew onto the Guides layer.
                      The Guides layer is marked as non-printing.

                      Non-printing layers show in the Layers palette with the layer name in a BOLD ITALIC font. That layer is just there to show where the brochure should fold. You aren't meant to draw onto it.
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                        Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        >suing ILL CS2

                        So that will not be needed?

                        >I drew onto the Guides layer

                        For a moment I read it as I drew upon the Guides lawyer.
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                          (Stephen_Fish) Level 1
                          Jacob is paranoid.
                          • 50. Re: Can't save in Illustrator CS2
                            Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                            And soon Steve will have time to go nuts.
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                              I meant USING. but i think you got that now.
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                                Hi everyone,<br /><br />here's the deal.... I got 2 machines... one of which i was running cs2 fine and dandy... somone sent me a .ai file that I believe was created in a previous version... it gives me this prompt<br /><br />"This file contains text that was created in a previous version of illustrator.  This legacy text must be updated before you can edit it   <ok>   <update>   <cancel>"<br /><br />i clicked update, and i can see the image fine.... but when i try to save it as an .eps file to send to the printers... i get the error<br /><br />"cannot save illustration cannot print illustration"<br /><br />and now with any file i create or open... i can't save it as a .eps file... i can save .pdf and .ai but no longer save in the .eps file type... is anyone else having this problem?<br /><br />and just for the record... i installed cs 12 on my laptop freshly and i can save to .eps no problem... <br /><br />on the desktop however... no matter what i do... i've cleaned out all registry entries and uninstalled illustrator completly... with having no other adobe products on the system... and when i reinstall illustrator again... there is the same problem... so it looks like i gotta format my computer...<br /><br />any ideas ?????
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                                  I've found the solution . . . for me anyway! I've fixed the problem of not being able to save pdf compatible .ai files, .ai files and .pdf files!

                                  I used to have adobe CS but then I upgraded to CS2. For a while I had both installed on my computer (XP SP2) but recently uninstalled version 11 (CS). That's when I started to have the problems described in this thread with CS2, only I've just made the link that perhaps it was something to do with uninstalling CS that caused the problem in the first place.

                                  I found this thread http://www.graphicdesignforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9630 where illustrator cs2 users were having similar problems. I discovered that instead of having over 160 something fonts in my adobe required fonts folder, I just had 1!

                                  So, here's what I did. I uninstalled CS2. Reinstalled CS (Version 11), found the required fonts folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts\Reqrd\CMaps and copied it to my desktop. Installed CS2 (remember CS is still installed at this point). Checked to see if I could now save .pdf files, .ai files, and .ai pdf compatible files and I could!!

                                  So, uninstalled CS (version 11) leaving my machine with just CS2. I checked the required fonts folder, and again, It just had one file in there after uninstalling CS so copied the fonts from the required fonts folder from my desktop to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts\Reqrd\CMaps fired up CS2 and it works perfectly now!

                                  It WAS a fonts issue . . . guys, check to see if this folder exists and that you have around 160 files in it. If not, I'm convinced this is what the problem is!
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                                    Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                    Excellent, Gavin.

                                    Shane, are you reading this?
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                                      Oh yes...

                                      When I got the email for Gavin's post yesterday and we could reproduce the issue, I about peed myself. Pardon my languange...

                                      Thank you Gavin! ...wanna work in QE? :)

                                      Adobe TS
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                                        But i dont have CS to move that folder.
                                        What can i do ?
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                                          Hi Gabriel,

                                          We are looking for a workaround to fix the issue. Stay tuned.

                                          Adobe TS
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                                            >Thank you Gavin! ...wanna work in QE?

                                            LOL. Well, I can't take all the credit . . . the solution was kinda pointed out to me in the thread I mentioned. I'm just glad it's sorted!

                                            Has anyone else applied this fix successfully?

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                                              Apparently, installing Photoshop CS2 resolves the problem
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                                                Hi all

                                                I've got the same problem as Kelstr (posted jun 21).

                                                I'm using the tryout version of CS2 to open eps files created using Illustrator 10, on the same XP m/c. The files open fine and can be edited, but some won't save (as eps) or print, with the message "cant save, cant print". However this doesn't seem to put my m/c off opening and saving others. So far 2 files out of 15 are affected - I did play with one of them removing one layer (of 5) and it then saved ok. Then removed only part (either of two town plans) from the same layer, and again it saved. Curiously all the text in this layer had been converted to paths before saving in Ill 10, so I wouldn't think that it's a font issue. The two files that fail are not the largest in the set, nor are the contents of the layer I removed as big as the same layer in files that work.

                                                Is anyone at Adobe interested in looking at these files?
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                                                  We have 3 design workstations (Windows XP) with Illustrator CS one user could not save as .ai on his system but was able to save successfully on another system. So we copied the Adobe Illustrator CS Settings folder (C/Documents & Settings/User/Application Data/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS Settings) from the machine that worked onto his machine and all is right in his world!
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                                                    Try this, it seems the cmap files in adobe reader works too

                                                    To fix Adobe Illustrator CS 2 Missing PDF Problem:

                                                    1. Install Asian Font Pack for Adobe
                                                    2. Find Location of CMAP folder with files (Adobe Reader)
                                                    3. Copy those files into C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\Adobe\Font\Reqrd\
                                                    4. rename CMAP into CMAPS

                                                    of course transparency problem and settings problem were checked before this action was performed.
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                                                      Hi, guys

                                                      i am having the same problem. I am using xp cs2, never installed a illustrator other version on my computer, I was editing a illustrator cs file today. every thing was fine, and i can even save in pdf and ai fomular for the first 3 hours. and then i did some change on picture size and other effect, i cannt save anymore! not pdf, not ai!
                                                      can anyone help me? this is very urgent. thank you!
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                                                        I just installed illustrator CS2. I am trying to open an Illustrator 10 file and cannot see some of the images. The images are not linked to a file they are copied and pasted. Has anyone else had this problem?
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                                                          Harron K. Appleman Level 4

                                                          You should really start a new topic as your question has nothing to do with the subject of this discussion.

                                                          Copying and pasting is not the recommended method for getting images into an AI document. You should always use Place, which will give you the option to link or embed.

                                                          Do you still have AI 10 installed on your machine? Are you saying the images are visible when the document is opened in AI 10?

                                                          =-= Harron =-=
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                                                            I am also having this issue. It's a 300dpi business card template with multiple layers, text and a placed PSD file. I can save when I uncheck the PDF option. I bought Illustrator CS2 as a part of the Creative Suite and it was not cheap as you all know. It seems many people have this issue and it should be resolved. I will be happy to provide any files or additional information to help solve this problem.
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                                                              (Stephen_Fish) Level 1

                                                              Have you tried the various suggested fixes in this long thread. If not, follow ShaneAdobeTS (Tech Support) posts as some people were able to solve their problem. steve
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                                                                Yes I have, including here: http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/332690.html

                                                                What works is not saving with PDF compatibility. Unfortunatly I use the PDF compatibility feature whenever possible and I very much prefer it.

                                                                I did a search for ShaneAdobeTS and I am happy to know the issue is known. If ShaneAdobeTS is reading this, is there anything you would like me to do to help? I did try all the steps on tech doc 332690.
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                                                                  We have found that this usually happens if you have Illustrator CS installed, then install CS2, then remove CS. That uninstaller removes a large number of the CMAP files that are required. Usually, running a repair on the CS2 installation puts the files back, but you might have to remove and reinstall CS2 to get it up and working.


                                                                  Adobe TS
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                                                                    Well in my case I did not have CS installed previously. Also, I tried to export a project to PDF and I received the same error, so I had to export to PSD, then use PhotoShop to save as a PDF.

                                                                    So perhaps this is an issue with Acrobat and not Illustrator?
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                                                                      Ricky... are you using Windows XP Professional? Try logging in as a new user and see if the issue persists. In our case only one designer was having and issue so I had another designer log on to his system and they had no trouble...hmmm since it was a user issue we needed to replace the CS settings folder for the unsuccessful user...that did the trick.

                                                                      1. Select Show hidden files and folders (My Computer/Tools/Folder Option View )
                                                                      2. Move the Adobe folder from C/Documents & Settings/User/Application Data/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS Settings to desktop or other location (we never delete until test is sucessful)
                                                                      3. Replace the folder with a folder from a successful user profile
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                                                                        Sorry for the delay. I am running Windows XP and I tried what you suggested and that did not work. I tried twice: a profile with user access and a profile with admin access.
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                                                                          OK, guys, I think this is going to be very helpful for some people. I've been struggling for days and nights trying to solve the problem of not being able to save my AIs as PDFs.

                                                                          At the beginning, when I had just bought and installed the Adobe Creative Suite 2, everything was running smoothly. I was able to convert any type of files (Excel, Word, Powerpoint...) to PDF. But suddenly, the Adobe automatic updater advised me of some new Acrobat Professional changes. I accepted them and something I haven't heard about before, appeared on my applications software tool bars: FLASH PAPER2. From then on, I wasn't able to convert my documents using just one button. Every time I tried it my application program hanged up. Now I had to work around by printing it to the PDF Adobe Printer. Well, that at least solved that problem.

                                                                          Later, working with AI (CS2) I noticed that I couldn't save some AI documents as PDF any more. Then I started looking and looking for a solution, until I finally found this thread. The answer wasn't here at all. I tried several suggestions, but none worked for me. So I decided to re install Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat and the problem disappeared.

                                                                          I'm almost sure that one of the automatic updates that I allowed to be applied to my CS2 suite caused the error.

                                                                          Sorry for such a long story.

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                                                                            I'm having the same problem also.... It started last week and now when I work on an old AI file, I am unable to save it as an Illustrator file, only as a PDF file. This is very frustrating! Will Adobe fix this BUG?


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                                                                              I have a serious problem.
                                                                              - just create new file in Illustrator CS2
                                                                              - put only one text in with Type tool ( Myriad font )
                                                                              - "Save as" in AI or PDF file --> ERROR UNKNOW
                                                                              - reload Illustrator
                                                                              - create new file, put text in with Times New Roman font
                                                                              - "Save as" --> file is saved but the error come later when i go to close Illustrator.

                                                                              I make all test that I read in this post.
                                                                              I have a creative suite cs2 that i bouhgt last week. What i can do?
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                                                                                LenHewitt Level 1
                                                                                Have you tried deleting your aiprefs file as per the forum FAQs FAQ#2?
                                                                                • 77. Re: Can't save in Illustrator CS2
                                                                                  Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                                                                  Or read either of posts #7, #16, #20, or #71, or post #53 or post #69?
                                                                                  • 78. Re: Can't save in Illustrator CS2
                                                                                    BTW, this worked for me.

                                                                                    Try moving the entire Illustrator CS2 settings folder to the desktop and then launch Illustrator again and see if you still get the error.

                                                                                    In the c:\Documents and Settings\~username\Application Data\Adobe folder move the Illustrator CS2 Settings folder to the desktop.

                                                                                    Thanks Shane, and everyone else involved.
                                                                                    • 79. Re: Can't save in Illustrator CS2
                                                                                      So is there a fix for this issue? I have tried all the things listed in the postings and still no solution. Tried the renaming the Trans file, tried moving the Pref. folder to the desktop. Everything works ok when saving as an EPS, but the file sized going from a .95 MB AI file to a 6.90 MB in EPS isn't worth it. There really hasn't been a patch to fix it since the topic was started a year ago?

                                                                                      I am running CS2, on Windows XP, all is fully up to date. How can I save files with text inside? What else can be done to fix this?
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