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    Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update failed to install

    Kwan Parker Level 1
      Received an automatic update. When I clicked to install, the update returned this message:

      Installation Incomplete
      Adobe Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update failed to install
      The update cannot be applied to the product.

      Say what?
      I'm at Illustrator CS3 13.0.1. First time an CS3 update dug in its heels and sneered back at me.

      Anybody got a clue about this? Bad update?
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          Kwan Parker Level 1
          Working with Technote:  "Updating or reinstalling a Creative Suite 3 application fails with the following error: "The update cannot be applied to the product." <br />http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb402323&sliceId=2<br /><br />Places cause as: "You removed, moved, or altered some files installed during the original installation. For example, if you removed or renamed the Read Me file for the CS3 application being updated you may receive the error above when running an update for that application."<br /><br />I did not remove, move, or alter any files installed during the original installation.  But, I would think the previous Adobe updates have.<br /><br />Reading the installer log, the error comes out as:  "The patcher with which you are trying to patch the product cannot patch this version of the product."<br /><br />Technote solution is to uninstall, reinstall or repair.  <br /><br />Went throug fire and brimstone the first time I installed this suite product, so sure don't want to risk that again.<br /><br />Partial patch log at point of error:<br /><br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              Patcher is validating the product on target machine against the <AdobeCode>.patch file<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              Loading CAPS library.<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              Successfully loaded the function "capsGetPayload" from CAPS library.<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              Version obtained from CAPS: 13.0<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              Version of the product as installed on the target machine: 13.0<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              Old Version as read from config.xml file: 13.0.1<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              New Version as read from config.xml file: 13.0.2<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   ERROR             Patcher is unable to match the version numbers.<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              Successfully loaded the AUM library: C:\DOCUME~1\xxxxxxxxxx\LOCALS~1\Temp\Patcher\Patcher3168\InstallerResults.dll<br />09/07/07  08:40:04   INFO              Successfully loaded the "AUMSetInstallerResults" function from AUM library.<br />09/07/07  08:40:05   ERROR             The patcher with which you are trying to patch the product cannot patch this version of the product.<br />09/07/07  08:40:05   INFO              Successfully unloaded the AUM library.<br />09/07/07  08:40:05   INFO              patching ends.
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            Kwan Parker Level 1
            Since I drew no responses, apparently this is not a common or interesting problem. So, I gritted my teeth and followed the technote.

            I reinstalled Illustrator over the installed copy. This reset the version to 13.0.0. Then downloaded and sucessfully installed 13.0.1. Then, I downloaded and sucessfully installed 13.0.2.

            So, except for understanding why the update balked in the first place, I'm good to go.
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              You are not the only one...

              Adobe seems to be having lots of problems.
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                When I try to install my trail illustrator file, it says i don't have enough RAM 512.0 MB however when checking my c drive space I have 5.17 GB, is that enough. If anyone has any ideas please let me know ASAP!! Thanks
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                  (Stephen_Fish) Level 1

                  RAM refers to random access memory and is housed in computer chips on your motherboard. It is working space required for the processor to run Windows and a variety of programs. This has nothing to do with Disc drive space (C drive) that is used for storing programs and working files. Your system would run OK with Illustrator 10, but if you could get CS3 to install, it would be very limited.

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                    Mobius Strip Level 2
                    Kwan, I had the same problem with the 13.02 update. In fact, I have all the current updates on disk, and immediately after installing CS3, I started installing them one by one. Some fail, others succeed. Illustrator 13.01 worked fine, 13.02 failed.

                    The Adobe "explanation" is bunk. And the failures aren't even consistent. Some just fail, others claim they can't find the app. Can't find the application? Bullcrap: It's right where Adobe installed it.

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                      David C Johnson Level 1
                      Kwan, I need some clarification as to what you mean by "reinstalled" with successful updates to 13.0.2.
                      1) Used the DVD to REPAIR the CS3 installation?
                      2) REMOVED the CS3 (Illustrator) product completely and installed it a second time?

                      I've done option 1 several times without satisfactory results. Patch 13.0.1 appears to install, but Illustrator => About still says it's 13.0.0. Patch 13.0.2 fails with the "failed to installed" poor grammar message discussed earlier.

                      Funny thing is, the first time I ran Illustrator two weeks ago, it was already 13.0.2, but saving files resulted in "I'm sorry, but Illustrator has encountered an error and has to close." I started trying to REPAIR Illustrator after seeing that error 20 times.
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                        David C Johnson Level 1
                        Update to my earlier post:
                        I used the CS3 DVD to uninstall Illustrator, leaving all of the other products installed. Then I installed only Illustrator. In other words, I turned off the checkboxes to reinstall/repair the other CS3 applications. (Illustrator was the only item checked)

                        Update 13.0.1 still fails with "Updater did not Worked", "Adobe Illustrator CS3 13.0.1 Update failed to install."

                        The "Application Data\Adobe\Patcher Logs\Adobe Illustrator CS3 13.0.1.log" file shows no errors, but Illustrator => About still shows 13.0.0.
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                          I found that you can find the files in your Library/Application Support/Adobe/Updater5/Install/ if you open them direct and mount them on your desktop you'll ahve no problems installing the updates. This method also provides you with the file to keep for future updating/re-installing - rather than the update auto-deleting the download.

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                            Well, at least all of you were able to INSTALL illy 13. I run illy 12 on the Macs but wanted to also run it on the XP machines. No luck. Time after time I tried to install the program and wasted many hours. This install was on a brand new Dell XPS loaded to the gills with RAM and so forth. Thankfully Adobe returned the purchase price to me, but it would have been far better to have the program running.
                            Recently I downloaded the Trial version, thinking that perhaps the install bugs had been fixed. Nope. Same end result- no Illy.
                            Why does this matter?

                            You see I make my living as a designer. My favorite tool since 1996 has been FreeHand. I run multiple licences on the workgroup machines in both PC and Mac. Wonderful program it is. But my friends at Adobe won FreeHand when they purchased Macromedia. Adobe really wants me to migrate to Illustrator. That way FreeHand can be set aside as I assimilate Illustrator and it's unique ways. This is all fine and dandy but one thing stands in the way...

                            To migrate, one needs to have the application install without hangs or jumping through hoops in the registry. To migrate I need to have Illustrator install... period.
                            Anyways, good that you have Illy installed! Lucky too, as you show the jumping through hoops syndrome as well.
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                              Level 1
                              I am assuming Chad is on a Mac...

                              In Windows Vista a search on Updater5 reveals several such folders. None of these folders had anything one might believe was a update.
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                                Here it is 1:44 in the morning and I just received the identical error message. After spending a week getting the product to install successfully I currently don't have the guts to wipe it out totally and start again.

                                I think I am going to try what worked for Sergei Urlof. Maybe, just maybe by uninstalling product in question, which is Adobe Illustrator CS 3 (Ai) then reinstalling Ai followed by its updates. Maybe I will have a happy ending to this skittish situation. I won't take a crack at Sergei Urlof way of doing things tonight. I will probably try tomorrow evening.

                                So if anyone has any additional ideas or suggestions, comments I am more than willing to hear them. I'm sure many of us went through hell and back in order to get the software installed. Most of us who found the installation to be difficult want to stay clear of this application as much is possible when it comes to updating it.
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                                  I have this identical problem. I too have tried to repair my installation with no luck. With the incredible amount of time it takes to do an install, I can't be bothered to waste my time unless I'm guaranteed a more stable program, which I'm not with these updates.

                                  Here's what I'd like to know. Why doesn't someone from Adobe respond to these posts? Do they not care that their users are frustrated with the software? Even if they just posted, "We understand your concerns, just stick with using Illustrator sans updates", I would be ecstatic. Reading through topic after topic of the same problem with just user responses is disappointing.

                                  Jeffrey Plummer: Illustrator used to be better. I started with version 8 I think. Easy and fast install (like 10 minutes). Ultra stable...I don't think it ever crashed. Ever since Adobe went to CS, their programs have become bloated and unstable. Frankly, Gimp and Inkscape are starting to look like superior products and their prices are spot on.
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                                    Ok, So I had a similar issue with the 13.0.1 update failing to apply. I am running CS3 on a Dell Dimension E520 on Windows Vista Home Premium. CS3 was an upgrade to the original CS,so I went back and removed CS after having 'upgraded' to CS3. After removing the original CS, I ran into a problem with Windows registry entries that are removed during the CS de-install that are required by the CS3 install. Adobe had a technote and solution for that (KB401602 - http://www.adobe.com/go/kb401602), but apparently the re-install of AI overwrote some or all of the previously successful update to 13.0.1. Now, when attempting to recover 13.0.1, I get this nonsense. It seems like looking at the computer cross-eyed will cause Adobe apps to hiccup or choke anymore - what happened to the robustness that they used to have? Ok, sorry about the rant. Any ideas other than blowing it all away and starting over? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and consideration.
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                                      signcarver Level 1
                                      Here is Adobe's answer.

                                      I did this to no avail. Trying again. Will report back.

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                                        signcarver Level 1
                                        tried 2 scenarios - neither worked

                                        1. remove illustrator but don't remove preferences.
                                        2. remove illustrator but do remove preferences.

                                        I noticed that i have a 3rd party plug-in (CADTools) and that after reinstalling Illustrator, CADTools is still there. So i guess the "remove" doesn't completely remove???

                                        maybe i need to remove the entire CS3 suite?
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                                          Same problem. I spent the entire morning removing, running the cleanup script, reinstalling and having all products updated except Illustrator.

                                          I can't understand how a company of the grandeur of Adobe mess something so simple.
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                                            JETalmage Level 6
                                            I'm now running 13.0.0 on my laptop because for no apparent reason, Illustrator 13.0.2 presented me--in the middle of a work session--with the "Licensing for this program has stopped working" greeting.

                                            Disgruntled, I reinstalled.

                                            Dutifully, I then downloaded the 13.0.1 update.

                                            Surprisingly, I received the "cannot be applied to this product" admonition.

                                            Spitefully, Adobe Updater now gets in my face and tells me I need to download and install 13.0.1 updater.

                                            Hopefully, I let it try again.

                                            Predictably (by now), I repeat the process to receive the same "cannot be applied".

                                            Wastefully, this whole laughable cycle has robbed me of yet another 2 hours or so of my lifespan squandered on Adobe's abusive installation/activation nonsense.

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                                              Just installed CS3 - Design Standard

                                              Ran the Adobe updater - downloaded 330+ Mb of updates. NONE of them will work. After all the error dialog boxes are clicked through... a rerun of the updater requires another download 330+ Mb of updates again. [expletives deleted by F/Host]

                                              If I didn't have to run this crap-ware for a client -- it would have been thrown in the bin long ago.

                                              Thank you to all the posters who are trying to make this work. Maybe Adobe will hire a few of you once you figure out their own product.
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                                                Level 1
                                                Follow up -

                                                Chad Durham - 5:23am Oct 26, 07 PST (#9 of 19) suggested using the downloaded files. This works for me!

                                                But, make sure that after the updater downloads your files - to cancel the updater script and do the rest by hand. If the updater tries to install an update and fails - it will removed the downloaded file.

                                                So, to review -

                                                1) Run the Adobe Updater application (found at Applications/Utilities/Adobe Utilities/Updater5.app (on a Mac))

                                                2) After downloading all your updates - cancel the installer

                                                3) Goto your user account's folder named ( Library/Application Support/Adobe/Updater5/Install )

                                                4) search around for the *.dmg files

                                                5) open each disk volume (dmg file) and launch the installer inside

                                                6) if you're lucky these will work for you.

                                                Good luck,

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                                                  Level 1
                                                  Is there a manual install procedure for Windows?
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                                                    Level 1
                                                    Ditto -

                                                    Some of us are on a budget, preventing us from affording both the Adobe software AND the Apple platform to run it on. As nice as that would be to do, converting to Mac isn't in the near future for me. So, any process or procedure / work-around ideas you can recommend for M$ Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) would be something that I would be grateful for, other than the suggestion to upgrade to a MAC and spend more $$$.
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                                                      signcarver Level 1
                                                      I talked to Adobe Technical Support and here is what they said:
                                                      - Go to Microsoft.com and search for the utility msicuu2.exe (which is a cleanup utility of some sort).
                                                      - Download this utility as you will need it later.
                                                      - Follow the instructions at this link:
                                                      - So far I have tried the first of 3 methods they suggest, each getting progressively more drastic. Method 1 did not work for me so now Im on to Method 2. The problem is that it takes so long to go through this procedure.
                                                      - Ill report back when I have something of value

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                                                        Level 1
                                                        Thanks Steve for sharing your experience! I'll be looking into downloading the M$ tool and going through the process when I can get on the machine having the problem (probably later today). I'll report results as I progress through the process.

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                                                          This is just unacceptable. I've uninstalled and reinstalled AI twice already and still the update fails to work. I've tried about four or five different "solutions" for getting the update installed and nothing works.

                                                          How is a complete cleaning and reinstall of a product you created the reasonable solution to an update, that you created, of that product? Thanks Adobe...
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                                                            Alright! I've found a fix that works for me (which is basically the same thing that Jason did) For Windows XP SP 2 32.

                                                            1) I dl'ed the illustrator 13.0.1 update. (Couldn't even get off of 13.0)

                                                            2) Then I canceled the installation and went to do it by hand.

                                                            4) Then I went here: C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater5\Install (which is where my updates are being stored) And found the illustrator update folder. The update should be in there.

                                                            4) I installed the update from there and it worked perfectly.

                                                            5) Afterwards I grabbed the 13.0.2 update from the adobe website. I saved it to my documents and installed it from there, and it also worked perfectly.

                                                            I didn't have to un-install, or re-install anything. Nor was I gonna try. (It took me way to long to get it installed in the first place. So I wasn't gonna chance it just for an update)

                                                            Now off to try and fix the after effects update... (Update's saying it can't even find after effects)

                                                            hope this helps,

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                                                              Level 1
                                                              In Vista the files are here:
                                                              C:\Users\{user name here}\AppData\Local\Adobe\Updater5\Install\illustrator13-en_US\Illustrator1302-en_US.exe

                                                              I found a file already there from Adobe's attempts to install the update. It is a 2.5mb file. Double clicking it produces the immediate response that install is unsucessful and that the update cannot be applied to the product.

                                                              I went to the Adobe site to get a new copy. Adobe has the Mac and Windows buttons mixed up. I clicked Windows and the resulting page in big words says Illustrator for Macintosh... fortunately the Mac link leads to the Windows files. Sheeesh!

                                                              The new file is named: Illustrator_13_0_2_updater_en.exe

                                                              Running it produces the same effect... 'unsucessful and that the update cannot be applied' - bummer!

                                                              Adobe is loosing it on Quality Control and they have made it difficult to give them feedback. I remember when AT&T was the only phone company and they could act like it. Adobe seems to be moving in that direction.
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                                                                Same here with the Illustrator update. I reinstalled it as suggested and... still nothing. But reinstalling it broke PS CS3! Had to locate a dll and put it in the system directory.

                                                                Now, oddly enough this was a clean install after a crashed HD. And interestingly, before the drive crash I had a few, what I thought were bugs disappear and work fine now.

                                                                But I guess, since I couldn't use my older versions (PS7, ILL 10, dreamweaver) it was only $1500 to upgrade. I guess for that amount I should expect bugs?

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                                                                  Level 1
                                                                  But I haven't seen anywhere where you can just DL the update. Anyone have a link?
                                                                  • 30. Re: Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update failed to install
                                                                    Level 1
                                                                    The stand alone updates are here: Adobe.com > Downloads > Updates

                                                                    Pick the product then OS then version and you are there.
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                                                                      Level 1
                                                                      Doesn't work for me. If Adobe would just say what you need to put where I'd be happy.
                                                                      • 32. Re: Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update failed to install
                                                                        I tried this update Adobe's way.  It didn't install.  I followed Adobe's instructions.  They didn't work.  I tried Francisco's way.  It didn't work for me.  So I tried the update Adobe's way.  It didn't install.  I followed Adobe's instructions.  They didn't work.  I tried Francisco's way.  It didn't work for me.  So I tried the update Adobe's way.  It didn't install.  I followed Adobe's instructions.  They didn't work.  I tried Francisco's way.  It didn't work for me.  So . . . .  <recursively continuing><br /><br />You get the idea.<br /><br />How long as this update been available?  And it still doesn't install properly?  This is unprofessional.<br /><br />Adobe!  You're a major software corporation.  The updates of the better major software corporations download and install.  Period.  End of discussion.  No reinstalls.  No meaningless error messages.<br /><br />We're busy users of your products.  Please provide an update that will download and install.<br /><br />Thanks.
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                                                                          Level 1
                                                                          So far CS3 is a mess for me. Couldn't get the guide bars in PS to auto center like they did in CS2. HD crash, reinstalled, guide bars worked. Did an adobe update, guides stopped auto centering again.

                                                                          Was anyone hurt in this wreck?
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                                                                            Level 1
                                                                            Ok, guys. This is going to be a bit loose, but may help. It is how I got a failed CS3 update to install. I think but am not sure that the install initially failed due to inadequate free space on one of the relevant partitions. I then believe but am not sure that the retract procedure, which is pretty good in general, messed up the registry 'slightly'.

                                                                            - first, the 'this installation failed' was driving me insane, of course. So finally I tracked down that there are logs, and where they are. Translating from a German XP, you will find those logs in: C:\Documents and Settings\YourLoginName\Applications Data\Adobe\PatcherLogs. There's one for each of your CS3 applications, and they are in text, so open the one matching your trouble.

                                                                            - these logs get huge, if you've made multiple tries, as they contain every detail. Search for the word ERROR and you will probably find the point of trouble. Time and date stamps may help to locate an episode. There is also a phrase "Patching fails, Rolling back the changes done by the patcher..." which you can look for, which shows just after the original ERROR. There's another message (improperly?) marked ERROR just after, which comments 'Set status to rollback'.

                                                                            - Ok, now you can see Adobe's idea why the patcher failed. In my case, it said: "Access denied to the registry key: DeviceCentral.advs\shell\Open\command".

                                                                            - Well, in Microspeak that is probably pretty clear, to someone. I went looking for that key using Regedit search, helped by the cue a few lines above in the log saying "Regsirty Hive: HKCR". Presumably they meant 'Registry'.

                                                                            - Obligatory message right now. If you have a log like this, and don't grok the Registry well, and know what you want to do about backups, etc., you should stop before even opening Regedit. Get someone who is very dependable and knowledgeable to do a fix for you. Have complete full reinstall backups. Etc.. Better safe than having to reinstall windows from a wiped disk, all your applications, recover all your precious data from right now where you crashed it, etc.. That valuable client project...

                                                                            - Anyway, you would know what to do about the one or two key permissions if you are qualified, so would do that. In my case it was two keys which had had their owner (me) permissions completely removed.

                                                                            - I mention and explain this detail so Adobe can explain it to their likely installer-builders, who seem somehow very likely to be outsourced and offshore. I have directed such groups, and don't envy the process. But something about the unwind procedure I think broke those permissions. And something about the patch procedure didn't preflight to assure there was enough disk space before getting in deep, which is the preventative side of the problem, or so I think. But I think both sides of the problem need to get fixed, unless the unwind failure might have been in an inability to write the registry.

                                                                            - I will refrain from comments I made at the time which show my length of service ;)

                                                                            - with all this buried under the layers of 'Automatic updater' activity which really hid any clues, I have to wonder why Adobe doesn't have some method for extracting the failure at least from logs, so this could be given to the support techs.

                                                                            - I am also wondering just when and if I will truncate that log. After 5 or so tries getting to the root of issue, I now have just one of the logs at the 33MB point...

                                                                            - all this was about something I will probably not use, or much besides prototyping something for a product design, Device Central. But it is very annoying, not to say concerning about futures of a big expensive and very useful package, CS3, to have repeated big failures in the update mechanism. Good to have run it to ground. And I don't do tech stuff for a long time, which shows the level of concern this caused.

                                                                            - So, Adobe, please make a better situation for your many and varied 'users'. Thank you.

                                                                            A nice holiday season to all, long may it last you (into Asian new year).
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                                                                              Level 1
                                                                              p.s. to see the logs area in the first step, you will have to set 'show hidden files' on your Microsoft folder options.
                                                                              • 36. Re: Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update failed to install
                                                                                Level 1
                                                                                Very helpful, NarrBL.

                                                                                My error message is:
                                                                                "Patcher was unable to verify the checksum before and checksum after of the file to be patched. Patch will fail."

                                                                                • 37. Re: Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update failed to install
                                                                                  Level 1
                                                                                  FWIW, the latest updater decided not to update flash as well. So if it keeps up, one can only assume that eventually nothing will update.
                                                                                  • 38. Re: Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update failed to install
                                                                                    One more member of the frustrated updates club. Am running CS3 on Vista on an HP Core 2 Quad with 3 gig of RAM. Illustrator 13.0.1 update won't install - with the "Updater did not Worked" message. Have de-activated, uninstalled, re-installed, re-activated. Pretty much the same chain of events that everyone else has tried - updating from within the app, downloading the update from Adobe, etc. I'll go digging into the log files next. Adobe support was no help at all. Have also had problems with 3-D rendering - Illustrator CS3 just won't do it dependably. I don't need it that capability very often, but I end up going back to CS2 on XP on a different and much older machine, and it works just fine.
                                                                                    • 39. Re: Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update failed to install
                                                                                      Level 1
                                                                                      Cathy, I would look at those log files, yes, as it should give a clue at least from the failure message.

                                                                                      I had some idea about your 3d problem, and went looking on the Illustrator product page. I think maybe my idea wasn't right, as Vista is apparently certified ok for Illustrator (normal 32 bit machines). But I did come across some 'Top Support Issues' at the bottom of the page, which may give a clue what is going wrong with updaters for so many people.

                                                                                      The link is below, but the key is that updaters will apparently fail if you moved or removed _anything_ from the original installation. They give the example of having trashed the Readme file, but it could be anything.


                                                                                      The fix is to use the original program installer (standalone Illustrator if you have that, or the CS3 installer) to reinstall the program. They say you may have to remove it first, and give the procedure to remove and reinstall only that one program by careful use of the CS3 installer. Then you should be able to update, or so it says.

                                                                                      I hope this may turn out to help George or Gary above also.

                                                                                      Yes, Adobe should do better. Again I wonder about offshore creators of installers, who can 'follow rules' but may not use good judgement. The installers look technically correct to a good degree, but are not friendly to end-users as they should be. More good work needed, to make the process adaptive - at very least to have it give accurate error messages pointing to advice to recover.

                                                                                      Back to your 3d rendering issue, Cathy. I can't help but wonder if this is due to Vista, and/or the driver for your display card, which I think does get quite involved with 3d renders if it supposed to have such capabilities. Vista tries to shut the door on older, better ways of doing such things, such as OpenGL. The reasons stated seem to be 'security', which is probably somewhat valid, but one can notice that the road to Microsoft/Hollywood DRM is also paved this way....

                                                                                      Anyway, I would probably try to be sure you've upgraded to the lastest video driver for your display card. And be prepared to back it out, if that causes other problems.

                                                                                      Kind regards, and again holiday greetings.
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