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    CS3: Joining multiple line segments at once? (Not just 2 endpoints at a time!)

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      Hello All,
      I am using the line graph tool to chart out about 8,000 data points. All I really need in the end is the graphed curve of the data points (I don't need all the graph axis, etc). However, when I ungroup the chart, I don't get 1 line path with 8,000 anchor points... I get 7,999 line segments.
      I know in order to use the "Join" command, you have to select 2 overlapping endpoints ONLY.
      I'd REALLY rather not select 7,999 pairs of anchor points and hit "Ctrl + J" 7,999 times...
      Is there a way to select all the segments and join the overlapping endpoints in one fell swoop?
      (Ultimately, I'll then have a line with 8,000 points which I can then simplify/smooth to make it a bit nicer visually)