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    Setting bleed on InDesign CS3 Server script

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      I have an indd file which contains bleeds of about .25 inches all the way around. I have tried using both the PDFExportPreset and PDFExportPreference bleedOutside, bleedTop, bleedBottom but none of them product the desired results. Also, no matter how I set my bleeds, the crop marks always move to the outside area of the bleed.

      Has anyone gotten this to work?
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          Figured out how to handle the bleeds... the naming convention on the bleed options was a bit confusing for me, but figured out that bleedOutside == bleedRight and bleedInside == bleedLeft. I suppose this is set up this way for doing facing pages, but in that case I assume the definition of outside and inside change.

          Anyway, now I have a different question. I am printing cropMarks on the outputted PDF, but the crop marks show up above the bleed so you can see the entire mark which you shouldn't. If printed straight from InDesign the crop marks show up under the bleed which is what I would expect. Does anyone have a solution for this?