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    Overset text in Table of Contents


      Overset text in Table of Contents

      mmarconi - 12:53pm Jul 15, 2008 Pacific

      Indesign version = CS2
      API = javascript

      I'm having a problem getting overset text to appear in a TOC. I am passing true for the "includeOverset" param in the call document.createTOC() but the overset text does not appear. This is happening on both the CS2 desktop and CS2 server. If I open the generated document and re-generate the TOC then answer yes to the dialog asking wether or not to include overset text the missing text will appear.

      Are there known issues with using the "includeOverset" when creating a TOC in the javascript API. Or are there other properties that I'm missing that need to be set.

      Thanks Mike
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          I also include overset text in my TOC that is actually off of the viewable spread. At first, it didn't work (even though I asked it to include the text). Then, I moved the field to be a few px within the viewable spread but left the text still off of the edge and it worked.

          I am doing this through Javascript with CS3.

          You may be having an entirely different problem... but I hope this helps :)