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    How do I assign a path to link (image file)


      I'm new to these forums and Indesign server scripting so any help would be appreciated.

      I'm working on a web based application that enables users to fill in predefined fields that a user can fill in and choose a template to auto populate the data.

      The client would like to add the ability to give visitors to the site the option to select an image. In the template files, the image container has been tagged with an xmlElements.item name of image.

      I was interested to know how do you pass the link to the container to load the relevant image file.


      09/02/08 10:48:59 ERROR [server] JavaScript Error!

      Error Number: 49145
      Error String: This element type cannot contain content.
      Line: 40
      Source: xmlElements.item("image").contents = app.scriptArgs.get("image");