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    New to InDesign Server

    Skempy Level 1

      I use InDesign CS2 and also have access to an InDesign CS2 Server.
      On my desktop CS2 I use scripts and the InEventScript plugin from RogueSheep to automatically run javascript scripts on certain events such as export to PDF.

      How would I go about getting InDesign Server to run the same scripts on the same or similar events.

      Simon Kemp
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          Level 2
          My understanding of the concept is:

          The only way that the server will export to PDF (or perform any of the triggering actions) is if you tell it to either with a SOAP command or a script, so given that you are already controlling the event you can add a call to your script in association with the call you're already making.

          On the desktop, the user triggers such events independently and hence the need for InEventScript, but with the server, there is no such independent activity.

          Or so it seems to me. I've never thought about this before.

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            Skempy Level 1
            Thanks, that was a quick reply, I didn't expect any response until after the Easter break.

            I don't know anything about SOAP commands or even how to talk to the InDesign Server myself. We use third party software to link a web browser interface to InDesign templates on the Server. I guess I need to ask the developers of this software to add the ability to assign a script to their process.

            Simon Kemp
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              Rajeev Kumar MIL Level 1
              Hi All,
              Today I have installed InDesign CS2 Server. But I don't anything about server. I know InDesign CS2 & 3, but this is the first time I am using Server. Even my application is also not activates after double clicking on the application.

              You can say, I failed to launch it. Please help me on this. I am using Windows 2003 server service pack 1. Is there any possibility to fail dues to RAM.

              Is there any user guide for ID Server CS2, so that it will guide me.

              Thanks in Advance.
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                IanDBrown Level 2
                Hmm, are you sure the server doesn't start up. Try running from the command prompt with a -console argument - the server normally runs without a window (I'm not at the right machine now to try - there may be other options of using a .cmd file, or .bat, or something).

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                  Rajeev Kumar MIL Level 1
                  Hi Ian, I ma 101% sure it is not working, and I don't know how to activate through command prompt.

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                    Rajeev Kumar MIL Level 1
                    Now the server is working, but now I am not able to run the testclient sample. Please guide me ho can I do it.

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                      hey rajeev,

                      u might need to add a port number for indesign server to work on, so u can send soap messages to it.

                      eg. indesignserver -port *****