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    Soap issues

      I was able to communicate with InDesign Server via TestClient, but now I am trying with my own application which I have not been able to compile.

      Attempt 1: Use classes soapC.cpp, soapClient.cpp, soapH.h, soapStub.h, stdsoap2.cpp , and stdsoap2.h from test client and include within my application. When I compile I get the following error within C++ Builder 5. Is there a "#define" I need to set to get rid of ambiguity?

      Error E2015 .\stdsoap2.cpp 8313: Ambiguity between 'ftime(timeb *)' and 'std::ftime' in function soap_timegm(tm *)

      Attempt 2: Generate the above classes from "IDSP.wsdl" using gsoap version 2.7.6d. I beleive the error occurs where I placed "=>", but not sure why. I have used gsoap before without any problems, but this wsdl has complex types which may be causing the problem.

      Error E2312 .\soapStub.h 64: 'soap' is not an unambiguous base class of 'xsd__double' in function xsd__double::xsd__double()

      virtual int soap_type() const { return 10; } /* = unique id SOAP_TYPE_xsd__double */
      virtual void soap_default(struct soap*);
      virtual void soap_serialize(struct soap*) const;
      virtual int soap_put(struct soap*, const char*, const char*) const;
      virtual int soap_out(struct soap*, const char*, int, const char*) const;
      virtual void *soap_get(struct soap*, const char*, const char*);
      virtual void *soap_in(struct soap*, const char*, const char*);
      => xsd__double() : __item(NULL), soap(NULL) { }
      virtual ~xsd__double() { }

      I will keep searching, but if there is an easy solution I would appreciate any help