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    Difference in InDesign / InDesign Server

      Dear all

      What is the Difference between InDesign Server and InDesign?. could you please explain, we are struggle to develop the InDesign SDK, now only i saw the Server Concepts.

      I need the difference Between InDesign and InDesign Server.

      Thanks & Regards
      T.R.Harihara Sudhan
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          I can't tell what information you need. Can you be more specific? In general InDesign Server consists of the layout engine that underlies InDesign. All of the document layout functionality that is avaiable in InDesign is also available in InDesign Server. The funcationality is available through any of the scripting languages, through the plug-in SDK or through SOAP. There is a small number of script API, having to do with the user interface that are not available in the server.

          In addition, there are other features that have been implemented in InDesign Server that are desirable for server products. You can launch multiple instances of the server, the server has error logging facility, the server has been through uptime testing. etc.

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            This page from Adobe.com may also help with your understanding:


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              The InDesign Server Plug-in Techniques guide in the SDK should highlight the plugin configuration differences between "desktop" InDesign and InDesign Server. There is an online training session - take a look at http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/indesign/index_training.html - specifically this one:
              http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/indesign/sdk/explodedSDK/cs2/prerelease/session 03/index.htm