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    Install a Mac font on a PC

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      Hi, I can't install on my PC a font provided by one of my Mac-based designers. I can open the InDesign file, but can't install the font. She included them in the folder and emailed them as well. The extension they have is .dat.

      Any ideas?

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          I've been PC based for 9 years now. This is the first time I've had a major conversion issue. I bought Crossfont, and that fixed it. (Not 100%; I still had to make some adjustments within the doc -- should have just bought the font!)


          Jane, the Menu Maker

          BTW -- Always looking for good freelancers!
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            To the best of my knowledge, Mac and Win PostScript and TrueType fonts are different and not cross platform compatible. OpenType fonts are truely cross platform. I hear that you can use Win TT fonts on a Mac, but not vice versa.

            As I understand it, print service providers are reuired by the font EULA to own the font even though the customer provides it.

            I suggest you ask your customer to purchase the modern OpenType versions of the fonts.


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              my mac friend cannot open my Word documents (with/without pictures) via email. How do I resolve so he can open themj?? Thanks!
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                Thats not an Adobe question. Perhaps it's because of the way you are sending the emails tho.
                Send as plain text or have him download http://www.joshjacob.com/macdev/tnef/index.html
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                  Here is the breakdown:

                  Windows can use OpenType, Windows Type1 and Windows TrueType fonts.
                  Windows cannot directly read Mac TrueType or Mac Type1 fonts.

                  Macintosh can use OpenType, Mac Type1, Mac TrueType, and Win TrueType.
                  Adobe products can read some Windows Type 1 fonts if installed in the correct folder.

                  I recommend TransType Pro from FontLab.com for converting fonts to OpenType (keeping in mind any legal issues from the font foundry). Better yet, switch to OpenType Pro fonts from Adobe.
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                    We invested in TransTypePro, it was a cheap investment considering the time loss of running round trying to find the right version of the fonts.
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                      Free font utility for viewing and printing PostScript fonts
                      Adobe® Type Manager® (ATM) Light is a system software component that automatically generates high-quality screen font bitmaps from the PostScript® outlines in Type 1 or OpenType® format. With ATM, you can scale your fonts without the characters appearing jagged, and you can also enable "font smoothing," which further improves the appearance of your fonts onscreen by using your computer monitor's color palette to intelligently improve the rendering of characters. ATM Light also allows you to print PostScript fonts on non PostScript printers, and can be used to create custom instances of multiple master fonts.

                      Current versions: 4.6 (Macintosh); 4.1 (Windows® 95, 98, and NT 4.0)

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                        Any progress?