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    How to Populate my world

    Tigomark Level 1
      I have this list that I am trying to populate an XML list object dynamically

      <mx:XML id="tempXML" source=" http://mysite.net/interface.php?username=user&amp;password=pass&amp;customer=cus&amp;actio n=showopen&amp;operation=showassets&amp;format=xml&amp;opstatus=crit" />

      Since this project will be for multiple customers but use just one interface I would like to be able to auto populate the
      username, cutomer, and password fields from the login form and the HTTP Services that are used to check that form

      <mx:HTTPService id="login_user" result="checkLogin(event)" showBusyCursor="true" method="GET" url="https://cfg0013.zonarsystems.net/interface.php" >
      <mx:request xmlns="">

      However I'm not sure how to get this done.