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    Restart numbering not working for numbered lists created w/ paragraph style

      Issue: Numbered lists created with a paragraph style continue numbering from elsewhere in the document.
      OS: Windows XP SP2
      Software: InDesign CS3
      Details: I would like numbered lists to begin with #1 rather than continuing numbering from elsewhere in the document.

      If I highlight the list in question, then choose Type > Bulleted and Numbered Lists, the option to restart numbering is grayed out.

      If I double click on the paragraph style and examine the Bullets and Numbering options the mode is "continue from previous number." If I change the mode to "Start at 1" every item in my numbered list has the number '1'.

      I have no character styles applied and no overrides or local formatting applied.

      Seems like the opposite problem from the discussion below:


      Josh G.
      Portland, OR
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