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    An E-License could not be Downloaded

      When I Attempt to download an E-Licence from our inhouse server I get the following message
      An E-License coul not be downloaded. A connection to the server could not be made to dowload a license, but your grace period has time remaining.

      What have I done wrong?

      I have set up the inhouse licensing server.
      I have charged the license server with an Acrobat 8 standard license.
      I can see the license in the charging utility.
      I have configured and saved the AdobeConfig.xml file to my install folder and installed Acrobat 8 Standard (verified the xml file was copied down)
      I have read - "configuring adobe acrobat with alm" and "Server tools user guide". Haven't been able to find a solution.
      I also noticed that if I try to start the adobe licensing services on the server, they turn themselves off automatically immediately ( not sure if this is relevant) There is no firewall on my PC or the licensing server.