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    Problem merging XML files into a spreadsheet (CSV file) - no data

      Hey all,

      I have just upgraded to Acrobat Professional 8 and created a survey with Designer. I have sent it out to some people and got two XML files back. The files themselves contain the answers, I see the data there. I have re-named the files and saved them in a folder on my desktop.

      I then open Acrobat Pro 8, go to forms > manage form data > merge data files into spread sheet, "add" the two XML files from that folder, then click "export" and save as "report.csv", which is the default setting. It comes up with a window saying "Done!" and I click on "View File now". This opens Excel, which is what I want.

      THE PROBLEM IS that there is no data and I only see the two FILE NAMES in column A row 2 and 3. The file names are in full with ".xml" at the end. The data within the XML files (that I want) does not appear in this CSV spreadsheet that I just created.

      One further comment: I did not have this problem with Acrobat Pro 7, the data sets came out and I easily edited them, created graphs etc.

      Can you please provide some advice as to how I can solve this?

      Best regards,
      Dima Ivanov