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    Sandbox - Policy Server help needed


      I'm trying to develop something with the Policy Server. I've just got the Sandbox and I'm trying to do very basic stuff to get the hang of it.
      I'm trying to simply register the policy server from the sandbox with Adobe Acrobat Professional (Trial) and sign some documents.

      My problem is that it doesn't work and there's a dire lack of documentation. I try to register the policy server in acrobat using the Administrator account. The events in the policy server show that the authentication is successful, but acrobat complains about authentication and fails.
      When I try to register an external LDAP resource, I can't get any authentication neither and I checked on this forum and I can see other people having issues with it.
      When I try to add some external users, the policy server comes up with an error and doesn't send the validation email (error is " csimms@sandbox.adobe.com Server failed while attempting to register this user").

      So, is there a sandbox help somewhere (the wiki link included isn't working) and can someone tell me to how I can get the basic functionalities working?

      Any help appreciated