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    Cannot connect from Acrobat 8 to APS

    MichaelDeiss Level 1

      I have done the APS turnkey installation, generated a SSL key and imported it into my browser. The Web access runs fine over https without any warning or error.

      If I try to connect with Acrobat 8 the connect works fine but the user name password authentifikation fails. I get the error: "No connection to https://[server]:8443 - Username or password wrong" (Translated, I have a German Acrobat).

      More strange for me the output in the Jrun log for the authentifikation try:

      2006-11-08 15:33:24,080 INFO [com.adobe.edc.server.businesslogic.license.LicenseManagerBean] $$$/server/service/logging/msg.LogSvcInit=Logger com.adobe.edc.server.businesslogic.license.LicenseManagerBean initialized
      2006-11-08 15:33:24,096 INFO [com.adobe.edc.server.dpl.LicenseFactory] $$$/server/service/logging/msg.LogSvcInit=Logger com.adobe.edc.server.dpl.LicenseFactory initialized
      2006-11-08 15:33:24,267 INFO [STDOUT] **************Response is = success

      The error message is different if use a valid or invalid password. Here are screen shots:

      valid password: http://demos.eggs.de/validPWD.jpg
      invalid password: http://demos.eggs.de/invalidPWD.jpg

      Thanks in advance,