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    Exception while trying to sign a document


      i am trying to sing a document but i got following exception:

      [ Creation of this signature could not be completed. ] -> [ You have not selected a valid Digital ID. Please try again. ]

      why do this happens?
      what is the "digital id"?

      here is my sourcecode:

      SignatureField certSigField = pdfDoc.addInvisibleSignatureField();
      String certSigFieldName = certSigField.getFieldName();
      Credential cred = new Credential("InvoiceAdmin",
      pdfDoc.certify (cred, certSigFieldName, "test Reason",
                              "test Location", "test contactinfo",
                              SignaturePermissions.NO_CHANGES, true,
                              "test legal attest");

      my Trust XML looks as follow:


      what do i do wrong?