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    More Digital Signatures Stuff

      So were trying to implement a PDF document that has a bunch of fields in it, and then after a someone signs it, it then get sent to an Informix DB as a BLOB.

      It then needs to be approved by a supervisor, so then the supervisor sees that it needs to be approved. The DB sends him the PDF document, he can then open it, and sign it and approve it.

      After approval it gets sent back to database for storage and its processed. . .

      1. Can you use the Serial ID of the digital signature that is created using PKCS12 within adobe as a unique way of validating the signature of the person if of that person.

      So that being said, we'd create digital id's for the user and then put that info into a field in the database and validte that matches when an ID is on the signature (this would be for validating the person is who they really are)

      2. I was thinking that it would be best to have the digital certs of the users to be on a global CA server??? bad idea? insight?

      3. I don't think that it is a good idea to use the digital id's you can individualy generate in adobe, because a user can easily make duplicates.. . so that is why i would think have a global CA would be best. ..