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    Passing attachements to sub-processes

      I have a process that initiates a sub-process and pass the form data through successfully but the only problem is that I want to pass attachments also from one process (main) to another sub-process, which i have been trying for the past couple of days and unfortunately all my efforts went on vain.

      Is there any body to save me on this one, PLS?
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          HowardTreisman Level 1
          Please see the following article on how to achieve this:
          http://avoka.dnsalias.com:8800/confluence/display/Public/How+to+make+Attachments+visible+i n+a+sub-process

          The QPAC you need is not currently available for download on our web site, please email info@avoka.com directly and we will get this to you.

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            Balaji Gurumurthy Level 1


                 You have mentioned that it is possible to access main process form variable to the subprocess.

            I have a main process called M and a subprocess named S. At the end of the workflow of M i have added S using the Subprocess service.

            How can i pass form avariables and process variables of M to S...?

            pls help me on this ..




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              Balaji Gurumurthy Level 1


              i have the subprocess service inside the main process at the end of the workflow process.

              i have reached the point where subprocess should start. In adminUI when i checked it shows the subprocess is in running state - but it is not actually running (the subprocess tab is empty)


              Can u help me to solve this problem.?


              Balaji G