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    EmailReceiver Qpac testing-tab

      Im testing the LC workflow 7.0. Im using the EmailReceiver QPAC to receive a Email from a pop3 account, when I go to test-tab of the QPAC and test it, the response is No provider for pop3
      The pop3 server Im connecting to works fine when testing for other applications.
      The text on the test-tab says that I may need to explicitly add the Javamail and Activation jars to the PADs classpath for this tab to work correctly.
      How do I do that?
      I have the files (javamail.jar and activation.jar), but dont know what to do with them

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          Try dropping them in the /lib folder under workflow designer.

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            HowardTreisman Level 1
            Unfortunately Hubert's suggestion doesn't work. The Designer executable (unfortunately) does not automatically pick up any jars that exist in the lib directory.

            There is a relatively simple workaround, that is described in a document that you can download from our web site.

            Please go to: http://www.avoka.com/avoka/qpac_library.shtml, and download the SQLPlus QPAC. (You'll need to register.)
            In that zip file is a document called AddingJarsToTheDesignerClasspath.pdf - please follow the instructions there, and let me know if you have any problems.

            Once you've set up the Designer.exe file, simply drop the javamail jars (activation.jar, javamail.jar, and pop3.jar) into the extras directory.


            Howard Treisman
            Avoka Technologies
            Specializing in Custom QPAC development and LiveCycle Solutions
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              Hi Howard
              It was just what i needed, everything works fine now.


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                HowardTreisman Level 1
                Glad to hear that everything is working.
                There are some known issues with the EmailReceiver, specifically with extracting attachments.
                If you have any problems, please let us know (support@avoka.com), and we'll send you a patch.

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                  Where do I find the javamail.jar and activation.jar files?
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                    Also, When I try to open the Designer.exe file I get this:
                    "Error in Java Launcher. Error occurred while attempting to find Java class"
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                      HowardTreisman Level 1
                      Hi Matt

                      The easiest way to get hold of the jar files is to open the emailreceiver.jar file using something like Winzip - you'll find the files in there. Or you can get them from:

                      The error you're getting says that the launcher can't find the Java class. Try DesignerC.exe, it might tell you the exact class. The problem might may be that you've put Designer.exe in the wrong directory, or that Designer.lap has the wrong contents. It could also be a java version issue.

                      Designer.lap should contain something like:

                      The last line may need to be changed depending on the location of your VM.

                      You can get janel help at:

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                        Sorry to be a pain, but, I downloaded the JavaMail API 1.3.3 and unzipped it but I cant find a file specifically named JavaMail.jar. I see a mail.jar or mailapi.jar. I this what I need?
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                          HowardTreisman Level 1
                          Hi Matt

                          (No worries - I should have been more specific in my instructions... :-)

                          You need the following jars:

                          You also need activation.jar, which you can download from:

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                            Howard, Thanks for the help, you da man.

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                              Have another problem... Has anyone tried to connect this Qpac up to an exchange server? I keep getting this error:

                              Connecting to mail server...
                              Exception: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

                              I have tried a couple of accounts that I know work. Does anyone have an Idea I could try?
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                                Can you post the JBoss log file? That will provide detailed information about the problem.

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                                  More specifically, the file server.log from the jboss\server\all\logs directory

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                                    HowardTreisman Level 1

                                    I believe the problem is that Exchange requires a fairly strange username. You need to specify:


                                    Exchange uses the nt-domain, domain-user-name and password to authenticate you with the domain. It then uses email-account-name as the specific email account you're going to open.

                                    The nt-domain, domain-user-name and password are the usual settings you use when you log into Windows.

                                    The email-account-name is usually, but not necessarily the "name" part of your email address. ie the bit before the @. I've never found out a way to work out what your account name is other than a) trying b) asking you Exchange admin. If you do find a way of doing this, please let me know.

                                    Please let me know if this works.

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                                      I had the domain\user but I did not have the email account after it. It looks like I got passed the "unknown user name or bad password" error but am getting a protocol error now. I am going to check the the Exchange adim to see what is going on over there. Thanks for all the help.

                                      javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Protocol error.
                                      at com.sun.mail.pop3.POP3Store.protocolConnect
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                                        Off the top of my head I cannot remember the names of the protocals, but I know there is one that MS Exchange can be configured to use for authentication that JavaMail cannot work with (I believe it is MS specific). The QPAC uses the JavaMail API, so that could be the issue. Your admin would be able to confirm for you what protocals are being used.

                                        Adobe Enterprise Developer Support
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                                          Oh, it's the Integrated Windows Authetication protocal. If your exchange server is set up to use that, then JavaMail will not be able to authenticate with it and it could cause the problem you are seeing.

                                          Adobe Enterprise Developer Support
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                                            HowardTreisman Level 1

                                            It looks like the problem is that you're apparently trying to connect to Exchange using the POP3 protocol, but Exchange by default uses IMAP. Make sure that you have IMAP selected on the first tab of the QPAC.

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                                              HowardTreisman Level 1

                                              I found a way to determine the Exchange account name.
                                              In Outlook, click on the Address book, and do a search for the person whose account you want to read. When you find the person, double click, and it will bring up a bunch of information about that account. It's the "alias" field you want.

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                                                I'm using the email receiver QPAc to try to initiate a workflow on the arrival of an email on a give mailbox. Those emails are containing a PD document as attachment.
                                                I have set all parameters and all to be able to test the settings and I'm able to connect to exchange and to find the first email.
                                                However This email contains a PDF document as attachment, but the result printed in the test tab is Attachments:0.
                                                I have tried to set mimetype to Application/* or to Application/pdf or to empty, I have let "Name contains" empty or set it to *, but nothing change the situation: The QPAc doesn't see any attachment in my email...
                                                Is it a known issue? Does somebody have some advices to help me to solve this problem?


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                                                  HowardTreisman Level 1
                                                  Are you using the latest version of the QPAC from SDK 703?
                                                  It's best to set the mimetype and name to blank, then it will find any attachment.
                                                  Some things to try...
                                                  Are you 100% sure that the email does actually have an attachment?
                                                  Try sending the email in different formats, such as plain text, html, and rtf. Try sending multiple attachments, of different types. Try using a different mail client if possible. Try using a pop server rather than an exchange server, just to test whether the problem is with what you're doing, or with the server.
                                                  If you're still having trouble, post the full results of what you're getting on the Test tab to this forum, and we'll try to take a closer look.
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                                                    I imported the needed files as it is told here to be able to run test tab. It seems it is working. However, I always get this message :

                                                    Connecting to mail server...
                                                    No message found

                                                    I am sending a new mail for the email receiver to catch it. However, it
                                                    does not. What is wrong with it ?
                                                    (I have configured the email addres from component properties.)

                                                    Any help will be great.