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    External Directory

      I noticed in the role designed documentation A_ExtDisplayName as a parameter for Directory.findFirstUser. Has anyone used an external directory? How do you set this up? What's the utility of this?
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          There is actually very little you need to do if you are using ActiveDirectory and the installation recognises the directory at install time.

          If you use LDAP, such as Novell, you may have to manipulate the XML configuration files to introduce the connection. Some of this is documented with the product.

          Good luck,
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            I am interested in more details about interfacing to Novell e-directory.
            We do not have MS Active Directory - and are trying to work out the best way to link Adobe into Novell.

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              Currently Adobe AWS only supports a single directory services db - MS ActiveDirectory. The schemea files have been constructed in such away to only read from that single source.

              If you require connectivity to another DS db then the ad-users.xml schema ( amoungst others ) will have to be rewritten for NDS.
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                Is the syntax of these *.xml files documented anywhere? I'm trying to move from one LDAP server to another (with a different structure), and experience major difficulties with it.

                CU Dmitri