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    Where to start, many questions here...

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      I'm going around in circles here. I have a form with several parts, but overall business logic I think is straightforward. User 1 receives an email with a URL to form. User 1 fills out part 1, digitally signs it, selects supervisor from the list and submits the form. User 2 receives email with URL to the form, fills it out, signs, submits, etc. etc.

      So, first.. I assume the link in User 1's email will be a link to the Form Manager log in screen. User 1 can log in and then select the form from the list to start filling out. Does it work this way?

      So, here are my questions:

      1. Regarding the digital signature - I added the digital signature field in Form Designer, is there still a need for the Add Signature Field and Sign QPACs?
      2. How do I disable the other parts of the form from User 1?? and then unlock fields in part 2 and display part 1 data, etc.
      3. I don't even get what QPAC to start with, so if user 1 starts with the form in form manager and then submits it to user 2, do I start with the User QPAC for user 2 to receive the form? (assuming an email will be sent if enable worklists?)
      4. What do I do (and can I do) with the AWS fields in Form Designer? I just added them, but haven't done anything with them yet. I am still unsure how the form in form manager knows to hook into the workflow, so I assume I must need to do something here or does the init-form from Workflow Designer do this?

      Also, I created a simple workflow and deployed it using my form as the init-form and tried opening the form in Form Manager. I get this prompt to save a file called createtask.do, what is going on here? My PDF never showed up in the browser.

      Thank you for any tips. The documentation is just strange. I've read it over so many times, but nothing is obviously sticking in my brain....

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          Hi Jennifer
          0. Yes, it does work this way.
          1. I don't believe so, but it's not my area of expertise.
          2. To disable bits of a form, I usually create a hidden field on the form. Then in the workflow, I use the SetValue qpac to set its value to something like "DISABLE". On the form:ready even on that field, I have Javascript something like:
          if (this.rawValue == "DISABLE") {
          SomeField.access = "readOnly";
          // etc
          3. Yes. Each user needs to set their preferences indicating that they want to be notified when an item appears in their worklist. Or you can set this as the default.
          4. You don't need to do anything with the AWS fields, other than ensure that they are there. Use the AWS supplied submit button, rather than one of your own.
          5. createTask.do usually indicates that Reader is not installed, or not installed properly.

          I'd highly recommend the Adobe Workflow training course - it's excellent!

          Good luck!

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            Thanks Howard,

            Yup. I spoke with support and my Reader was all goofed up, so that's why the createtask.do error was popping up and I was going crazy figuring out thinking I had to do more with the AWS fields since my submit button wasn't working properly since Reader was all goofy and thus I couldn't even get a simple workflow working. phew.

            But, now it is working and I can at least now try to stumble my way through testing workflows and get moving on this stuff.

            There's training??? I've looked on the Adobe web site several times and never saw anything listed.

            Thanks Howard, you are a huge asset on this message board, I really appreciate all the advice you provide.

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              #2 I do this with a dynamic XDP form, using subforms then controlling the number of "instances" of that subform with JavaScript in the form. The design call is really out of at least 3 options. First, You could build 2 different forms that use the same field names for whatever fields they share. Second, Howard's suggestion for just hiding/showing certain fields. Third, a dynamic form where you actually hide/show certain sections of the form so you don't have empty space. The dynamic forms are a bit more complicated to learn, but become very useful.

              #4 just for convenience I have a "template.xdp" that has nothing but the Workflow fields in it. When I create a new form for Workflow use, I just copy/paste this group of fields into my new form. One thing to remember, if you put the fields into a subform, you'll probably need to edit the Javascript in the AWS_SUBMIT button to reference the fully specified nodepath, including the subform. I believe that should be the only time you edit any of the Workflow fields.

              As far as training, you should also look specifically at Adobe Designer training for dynamic form creation to go along with Workflow training on how to use those forms. Either one may help the other seem a bit easier to understand. A basic course in JavaScript (or a decent starter book) is also a big help when making these forms.
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                Thank you Clifton.

                I am still mulling everything over. I imported my PDF in and saved it as a Dynamic PDF (.xdp file), but am not using the dynamic forms per se (as in I don't plan on changing any sizing, fields, etc in my PDF, I just wanted to lock certain fields). I did already break up the parts into subforms and am wondering if that javascript piece you mentioned is why my form contents are not being passed. I will test it out before posting a question about that :D

                About the subforms, which part of the javascript would I need to change? I am looking at it now and I cannot even figure out what to test out. If I had to guess I might think the sURL, but I don't knew where to begin since I have several subforms. Also, what is a sample of the full specified nodepath? I am guessing it is xfa.formName.pageNo.subFormName ???

                And was there some type of document out there that you learned this from or something you just figured out over time?

                So many questions! I feel like I've read so much on this product and do slowly make headway, but it is sooo ridiculously slow!

                Thank you,
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                  HowardTreisman Level 1
                  Hi Jennifer
                  Training is handled differently in different parts of the world. In Australia, it's handled by partners like us, rather than by Adobe directly.

                  The courseware is very new, which is why you may not be able to find out about it. I'd try your local Adobe rep.

                  Where are you based?

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                    Thanks Howard. I'm actually in Washington DC, so if there is going to be training, I would think here is at least one city covered! :D

                    I'll ask our Rep about it.

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                      I have a question regarding the createTask.do error. I'm seeing the same error and would like more information on what causes this to happen and exactly how you fixed it... does it pertain more specifically to any particular version?