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    Email PDF Form as a PDF Document

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      Hi All,

      My apologies if this has been answered - if so please point me to the post. I've looked and can't find the relevant discussion.

      I am using Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8 to create a PDF form and using an email button to submit the form as a PDF. Once all the fields are filled out I need this document to save as a regular, unalterable, PDF. This will be emailed to a secretary who only has Acro Reader 8 (tho I could get her Acro Pro, I'd rather avoid buying another license) and she needs to save this electronically as a permanent copy of the file. When she receives the email tries to save though it says she can only save as a blank doc. This completely defeats the purpose of the exercise. The form needs to be rendered and submitted as a PDF doc not a PDF form. I'm stumped.

      Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated!
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