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    Print PDFs using watched folder


      I am new to Adobe livecycle. I created webservice which generates PDFs in a folder. I want to set that folder as a watch folder and want to print PDFs generated in specific interval. Basically it should figure out if there are any new PDFs and print it to the network printer. I could able to figure out how to set up a watch folder using existing services as a endpoint for watch folder, but none of the exixting services serves exact purpose of printing PDFs from folder. So I am stuck. How should I proceed? Can I create my own process and register it and use it as a end point for watched folder? If yes then how?

      Can somebody help me?

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          you will have to use the generatePrintoutput to generate PCL file then pass that file to the print service.
          let me know if you need any help
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            Is generatePrintoutput is a service?And how can I send PCL file to print service? What is name of print service? Can you be more elaborate on this one? I really appreciate your help.

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              Everything is a service in LiveCycle so, yes, generatePrintOuput is a service.

              You can create a new process with Workbench (e.g. TestPrint). Then add the generatePrintedOutput step and a print step (from the Output category). Then save and activate your new process. This will become a new service (TestPrint) which you can add an watchfolder endpoint to.

              Then drop the file in the watch folder for that new service (TestPrint) and the service will call generatePrintedOutput and print.