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    How to disable Adobe Acrobat popups

      I installed the turnkey solution and, when doing so, assumed that I would need PDF generator - it turns out that I don't. As a result I'm now stuck with the situation in which my Adobe Acrobat Professional trial has expired and, whenever I try to view one of my forms (e.g. preview) I can't. A few related questions - if anyone can help in answering any of this I'd really apprecaite it:

      - How do I tell workbench to not rely on Adobe Acrobat Professional - presumably it shouldn't require this SW. I tried to unistnall this SW but ended up getting system errors which I am unable to resolve.

      - How do I disbale or remove components. i.e. I have PDF generator installed but now want to remove it.
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          Robert Hirst Level 1
          So the problem is that in your browser, PDF files are being previewed in Acrobat 8. Have you tried installing Reader and setting it to the default PDF file viewer?

          As to removing PDF generator, I think you could do this by re-running the configuration manager, and making sure that the box for that component is not checked. When it re-assembles and re-deploys Livecycle it should do so minus PDF Generator.

          You're right that Acrobat is not required for PDF Generator. Don't know why it wouldn't let you uninstall Acrobat, have you tried re-running the initial installer which you installed it with, then selecting Repair? That might fix whatever problem is stopping it from uninstalling.
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            Thanks for your help.

            I actually have both reader and acrobat 8 installed. Reader is set to my default for PDF - but despite this, when I try to preview a form in workbench it always opens acrobat (for which I don't have a license). As I mentioned, I can uninstall Acrobat but then I get a cryptic error regarding a missing class ID and can't do anything in workbench. So it seems that unless I can tell Workbench to use reader I'm stuck with an unusable system.

            The error message states:

            org.eclipse.swt.SWTException:Class ID not found in registry result = -2147221005

            I've even re-run the LiveCycle configuration after uninstalling Acrobat...
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              Robert Hirst Level 1
              After you uninstall Acrobat, have tried opening LC Designer 8.1 from the start menu then using the "Set Designer 8.1 As Default" button in Tools->Options->Workspace?

              Also, does Designer 8.1 run, and does the preview tab on forms have
              the same behavior as workspace?

              You could also try opening in Reader before hitting preview, found this in the LC Designer 8.1 help in section "About previewing and testing forms":

              >>The Preview PDF tab appears only when Acrobat or Adobe Reader is installed. By default, if you have both Acrobat and Adobe Reader installed, LiveCycle Designer ES starts Acrobat automatically to preview the form. To use Adobe Reader to preview the form, you must start Adobe Reader before you click the Preview PDF tab.
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                I tried your suggestion of starting designer - and it worked fine. I then opened workbench once again and this time it worked as well. So whatever the problem was, running designed fixed it.

                Thanks for your help!