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    LiveCycle Workspace ES over the Internet

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      I have a question - can I use workspace through the internet?

      For example, I use workspace in our local network by address http://adobeserver:8080/workspace. Also our admin gave me an entry point to the workspace over the internet, for example by url http://companyName/workspace/. But when I'm trying to open any form it's impossible due to loading which continues without any result: I see only spinning circle and nothing is going on.
      I cought the traffic and saw that it uses local url (adobeserver) instead of internet url (companyName).

      So, does anybody know if there is a setting in adminui to get access to the workspace through the internet? I know that such setting exists in SharePoint and called Access Mapping - Public URLs - Internet Zone.

      If nobody knows this can you advise me how to write a letter to the Adobe LiveCycle support team?

      Thanks a lot!