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    TCP/IP Print Queues going offline

      Hi everyone,

      We're running Adobe Central Control v5.5.0.308 and recently upgraded the server it's on from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003.

      Since the upgrade about 5 of the print queue's we have are being forced offline. If you stop and restart the Windows Print Spooler they will print the jobs in queue but then kick back offline again and need another restart.

      Has anyone seen this behavior?

      Thanks in advance.

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          I've seen similar activity but not to the extent you are experiencing - just an occasional shut down. The worst part is that it isn't considered a service "failure" so the defined failure actions are not taken. I can't recall whether it was occurring before our upgrade to 2003 but if it was the frequency certainly increased after the upgrade. We have 11 sites and it seems to only occur at one of them. Another strange thing at that particular site: it isn't unusual for the spooler to shut down whenever anyone remotely accesses the server.