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    Templates missing after CPD rebuild

    Rob Myre
      Yesterday, I followed Peter Grainge's procedure to delete my CPD and XPJ, and it worked like a charm (thanks Peter!).

      I am running RoboHelp X5.0.1.

      I knew from the website that 3-frame framesets caused a problem, so I removed them from the HHP and added them back in later. I also read that the Conditional Build Tags would be gone, so I added them back in. But then I noticed that in my project, the Templates section was empty in the Project Manager. I tried to re-import the templates, but nothing happened. I then tried to delete the template and create a new one with the same name, but I got a message that a template of that name was already in use (which, of course, it was). For the record, I was able to create a brand new template without any trouble.

      I then checked to see if I could select a template when creating a new topic. Although the template drop-down on the New Topic window is empty, I can find and select the template by clicking the Folder icon, and it applies. The existing files also display the template when generated.

      So, all in all, I have a work-around. But I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar situation, or knows why this is happening.


      Rob Myre
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          I've experienced the same problem.

          I don't know of an explanation. Sometimes it reappears after the project is opened a few more times (as do the build tags). I've tried right clicking and importing the template in the project view, but that doesn't work either.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            I don't know what to suggest as I just tested the procedure and reimporting the template worked just fine.

            If I had this problem and it was giving me real grief or I just felt uneasy about it, here's what I would try in a copy of the project but note this is untested.

            Create a new template identical to the old one by copying and pasting the content. Close the project and do a multi file find and replace searching for the old template name and replacing it with the new one.

            Can anyone see a reason that would not work?

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi all

              I have both a theory and a comment here.

              The problem stated was that the templates refused to be imported. I offer my sincere apologies in advance if you were actually in the correct location. It occurs to me that maybe you tried importing the templates by right clicking the HTML files (topics) tab and you weren't actually right clicking the Templates pseudo folder?

              RobMyer said: The existing files also display the template when generated.

              This leads me to believe that a general misunderstanding exists about how templates work. Note that this is the expected behavior. Aside from Headers and Footers associated with a template, once you create a topic using a template, there is no longer an association. You can read more about this by clicking this handy lil ole link right here!

              Sincerely... Rick
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                Rob Myre Level 1

                Thanks. You're right, it's not so much grief as it is uneasiness. Since I don't understand why it happened, I don't know if any other problems are lurking around the corner, so to speak.

                I will try the approach you mentioned on a copy of the project and see if that works.


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                  Rob Myre Level 1
                  Thanks Rick.

                  I did try importing the templates from the pseudo-folder. I didn't receive an error message, but the template also did not appear in the Templates folder like it normally would.

                  Yes, I did misunderstand how templates work. I did not realize that there is no association once the topic is created. That actually makes me feel better.


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                    I had the same experience that you descibed in your initial post. The project rebuilt fine, but I cannot repopulate the templates pseudo-folder, and thus cannot apply the templates to new topics. The find and replace method that Peter proposed wouldnt help me since I want to use the templates going forward. Did you find a solution? It was not clear to me from your last post.
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                      You say that once the template is applied to a topic, there is no association. However, in the templates pseudofolder, if I right click a template and select properties, I can see a list of topics in which the template is used. Doesn't that imply an association?

                      - Carol
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                        Rob Myre Level 1

                        No, I was never able to get the templates to reappear in the pseudo-folder. However, I can still use them for new topics.

                        When you create a new topic, the templates do not appear in the Template drop-down list. But, you can click on the Open Folder button and get to them that way. It's an extra mouse click, but it works.

                        I hope this helps.