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    Cannot create directory

      I am trying to install contribute cs3 for a client.

      I am having trouble setting up the connection to their company website.

      Once I put the ftp details in it connects to the web host and asks me to select the home directory. Once I select the home directory it begins to run the ftp tests. On the first test it tries to create a new directory but it fails saying that permissions are denied.

      I have setup a connection to the same website from different locations with no problems. It only happens on computers within this one particular network. The network is protected by an ISA filewall. Could this be the problem? Is there anything I need to do in the ISA firewall to make it connect properly? I have also contacted the web host and they are saying the permissions are setup fine.

      I have pasted the FTP log from contribute below.

      Thanks for any help that you can give me.

      ------------FTP LOG------------------------------
      Date: 11/22/2007
      LocalTime: 9:52
      Host: host addess
      LoginID: loginname
      Path: /httpdocs/
      Passive Enabled: false
      ProxyHost: NoneContribute Alternate Rename: no Contribute Optimized: yes ======================== Test Results ==========================

      NOTE: "ProFTPD Server" has been detected. For more information on FTP server compatibility issues, please see http://www.macromedia.com/support/contribute/ts/documents/proftp.htm
      Login: SUCCESS!
      Changing Directory To: /httpdocs/ SUCCESS!
      Directory Listing Test: SUCCESS!
      Make Directory Test: The server is unable to create a directory. Please verify that you have sufficient permissions to create a directory.
      ----------------------- FTP log from the last operation ---------------------- > CWD /httpdocs < 250 CWD command successful.
      > MKD mm_diagnose_1xwj1
      < 550 Access is denied.
      > CWD /httpdocs/mm_diagnose_1xwj1
      < 550 /httpdocs/mm_diagnose_1xwj1: No such file or directory > CWD /httpdocs < 250 CWD command successful.
      > RNFR mm_diagnose_1xwj1
      < 550 Access is denied.
      > MDTM mm_diagnose_1xwj1
      < 550 Access is denied.