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    Lightroom Problem Importing

      I am having a problem importing RAW and JPEG files into Lightroom. For the most part when I shoot with my Canon 30D I use the JPEG+RAW function so I capture both; I already imported these files into my old computer, now I got a new computer and Lightroom and I can't seem to import all my files from a given folder! I am starting to wonder whether I should have purchased Aperture instead. I have checked multiple times the folder I am trying to import and how many images it has, it says 88 total images, both JPEG and RAW. But then when I try to import this folder into Lightroom it says there are 71 images ready to be imported!? I checked and noticed that 17 of the 88 images were RAW! Any help would be greatly appreciated, I haven't even been able to play with Lightroom yet because of this issue!
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          Lee Jay-7OQGJF Level 4
          You can't import JPEGS and RAWs with the same name from the same folder. There are about 100 threads on this, there are feature requests to make this possible, and workarounds.
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            Ok Lee Jay, I'll look into it, but that is kind of silly why it won't take both!
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              Lee Jay-7OQGJF Level 4
              JPEGs are thought of as pre-rendered previews or sidecar files with the RAWs as the real images that you wish to "develop".

              But lots of people seem to want this (for reasons I'm still having trouble understanding) so the team has been made aware of the request, both through the forum and directly (even by me).
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                Thanks Lee Jay, sorry about the post earlier I didn't realize this was going to be a problem but I seem to be pretty determined to make Lightroom work, since I just reordered my folders and created new RAW folders and etc... I look forward to the patch for this.
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                  Hmmm - this is interesting to me as a person who has not yet bought LR, and was wondering whether I should.

                  I generally shoot in RAW + small jpegs. In that way I can look at the jpegs on a computer that does not have a RAW processor if I just want to browse my shots, or give my card to someone else who does not have a raw processor so she can browse my images. When I load onto my desktop I process in RAW, but still like to do the quick scan of jpg's. So if I put my memory card into my card reader, and import using LR, I won't get all my photos imported(unlike Bridge which imports all?)? It will import ALL my jpg's but not all my RAW's? It sounds like the OP had Some RAW files imported, but not all?

                  I am using CS2. Had the CS3 Beta, and really liked Bridge in the CS3, but I didn't see all that much in the PS part that would make me go to CS3 over CS2 PS. I believe, however, that much of what LR does has been put into CS3 Bridge. Is that correct? Even after reading some FAQ's on LR, not clear what it will do that CS2/ CS3 can't?
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                    Lee Jay-7OQGJF Level 4
                    LR 1.0 would copy all your images (RAW+JPEG) to your hard drive, but only import the RAWs into the LR library.

                    There are a bunch of articles on the differences between LR and Bridge 2. There are enormous differences. The bottom line is, Bridge is for dealing with small numbers of files, but large numbers of formats and programs. LR is for dealing with large numbers of files, but they are all images. Bridge is for users of the creative suite, LR is for photographers. Also, LR is for end-to-end use, from ingesting to exporting, to printing, to slide shows, to web.
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                      dcrebelxt Level 1
                      Lee Jay,

                      I know it all comes down to workflow, but I would like to have RAW+Jpeg easily in LR too.

                      Here's my reasoning:

                      1) Sometimes for snapshots jpeg is quite good, and don't desire to edit the raw to get a usable image. Comparing side-by-side, to see how much better you did than the camera, also gives an ego boost! ;)

                      2) For me, at least, setting up a calibration preset is already hard enough... to tweak a preset for a good initial conversion, I like to have jpeg I can directly compare the RAW against... frustrating when you've spent time editing a RAW to look decent, only to later see the in-camera jpeg

                      Know I'm probably not convincing people of why I'd like it... but makes perfect sense to me. :)
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                        Your reasoning (#1 and 2) have already been discusses countless times as mentioned by others. I think the Adobe engineers and the "pro" photo advisors never expected so many others to use both RAW+jpg in their cameras. The past few months, this issue has quieted down considerably, but earlier, it was one big issue for many people. (I'm not going to reinterate the reasons that were offered for not using RAW+jpg, just search around old threads.) I don't know whether this issue will be resolved in the next update or in any update. Somehow I'd be surprised if it weren't.

                        - Pierre
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                          a photographer I recently worked with shoots his Canon 1Ds mark II through Lightroom with the Canon capture program. I am trying to do the same but was unable to do so, Can any one know how its done?.
                          I do not have his contact information.
                          When I tried, the Canon capture program would not run by itself and must be run by the Canon utility.
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                            I have reasons to want RAW+JPG that will not go away. For corporate events, I print on site and the printers do not /can not recognize RAW files, they need JPGs. I use the RAW files later to prep files for publication for the client, we edit from and then print from the jpgs as fast as we can. I need jpgs now, raw files later. Thanks for any encouragement you can pass onto the engineers, developers and advisors to enable this workflow... Tom Meyer, www.twmeyer.com
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                              Then don't go away.

                              MVC! Don Ricklin, MacBook 1.83Ghz Duo 2 Core running 10.4.9 & Win XP, Pentax *ist D
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                                C Wan, do a search from the main lightroom forum for "tethered".
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                                  J McWilliams Level 4
                                  also look in the blogs, such as: http://lightroom-news.com/2006/12/06/tethered-shooting-in-lightroom/
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                                    John Mcwilliam,
                                    Thank you for the info, had it set up and shooting, thanks again
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                                      This is peculiar.  I have just started using lightroom3 and was able to import RAW and separate jpg files from the same folder with separate little pics across the bottom.  Today I am having a problem.

                                      I tried to import a folder with both RAW and jpg images.  They have the same names but different file extensions CR2 and jpg.  CR2 imports but the jpg does not.  Interesting addition to this is that I went

                                      to a previously imported folder and opened it and both sets of images were visible.  What the heck happened?  I support your position in that both sets of images should show up.