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    An unexpected end-of-file occurred

      I have Adobe Lightroom 1.1 and Im running it on a Windows Vista powered machine. Not by choice though. My previous laptop had a section of the screen crap out on me the other week and Im always on the go and taking pictures. So I needed to buy a new machine and nothing comes with XP anymore less i custom order something and I didnt have time. So Im importing pictures I took a while back for processing into Lightroom and every file has a "An Unexpected End-Of-File Occurred" at the top of the picture I imported.

      Anyone know what the cause of this is? I thought the upgrade to 1.1 was vista compatible.

      The first time it happened, i couldnt edit the files and had to delete them from the database. Now its doing it on every photo!!

      What to do?

      Thank you.

      Jason P.
      Illusive Dreams
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          I want to add that this happens in the "Library Mode" and not any of the other "options".

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            I just had this happen and 5 out of 185 pictures that I took have that same error message ("An Unexpected End-Of-File Occurred") . I am shooting a Nikon D200 with a Lexar Professional 133x 4 GB card. I have a Mac G5 PPC with lightroom 1.1.


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              Importing from a flash card or importing from disk? I gave up trying to use LR's downloader and download using Vista Photo Gallery and then import into LR. It works for me. Perhaps the OP could be more specific about his gear and about how he uses it.
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                I'm having the same problem with the "unexpected end of file" on all my images. I don't use LR to import. It's a big issue because there's a ton of folks having the issue if you google it. I'm going to try optimizing my library and if that doesn't work I'm going to tell it to reimport a folder and see if that works. I'll let you know what I find out.
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                  John O Connor Level 1
                  My 2 cents worth: I always copy my files using a Card Reader to a folder first. Then use Lightroom to "Import Photos from Disk", and never had a problem yet.
                  (Must admit though, that I once copied photos from camera (Nikon D200) via USB cable; It was way too slow and maybe prone to errors and retries.)
                  As a Lightroom user I have never had a problem importing files, and

                  >It's a big issue because there's a ton of folks having the issue if you google it.

                  I did a google search on the pharse "unexpected end of file" and then a search within results for "Lightroom" and there were about 23 results; the top results were from this forum.

                  I think that if you have and "unexpected end of file" problem it is not a Lightroom problem, but more likely a hardware problem on your system.
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                    What was the codec for the OP? .NEF by any chance?
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                      Found my problem. I had one image which had an error (probably from an external pocket drive I used to transfer the file). I also used the "Import Photos to Disk" option but because the file was corrupted, it produced the "unexpected end of file" error in Lightroom.

                      I know this file was physically corrupted because I could not open in any application.

                      Now, this is the weird thing...

                      Once I'd click on that image in the Library and get the "unexpected end of file" error, it didn't matter which file I selected after that. Every image I would select would get the same error! Not sure why!

                      If I exited LR and came back in, all files would be fine until I'd select that file again.

                      I was very lucky to have discovered which file was causing this behavior :-) but I'm not sure what I'd have done if I couldn't figure it out.

                      Anyways, I deleted the file and everything's fine now.
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                        I have just got the same message using lightroom 1.4.1, nikon D300 and windows vista laptop. It happened on about 10 images from a shoot of about 600 shots. it is definitely a problem with lightroom importing the file though as i could reimport the same files and not get the error. going back to the old files after closing and opening lightroom they still give the same error. Any ideas?

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                          Probably not a problem with Lightroom. I had this problem with a D2x (NEF files), on average 1 out of 200 images were corrupt and gave the message "An Unexpected End-Of-File Occurred" if trying to open with PS Elements or Lightroom. Nikon Capture was "unable to open file" while RSP opened the file with distorted lines in the lower part. I always use a card reader for transfer and never have been able to find the cause of this problem. I have used several memory cards (Sandisk Ultra II and Extreme III), and the problem was still there. Now I also have a D300 and so far have not had this problem in 800 images (the D2x still have the problem).

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                            I have been having the same issue. D300, Toshiba Laptop w/built in card reader, XP pro, Lightroom 1.4.1 Camera Raw 4.4.1.
                            Seems to occur on small percentage of picstures. I have been able to open those images in Capture NX. I am only shooting RAW (didn't notice if others have stated JPG or NEF (raw))
                            This particular group of pics (about 300) was copied from CF to desktop folder then imported into lightroom. It was frustrating me enough that I re-imported and was able to then work on the pictures that were giving me problems. Now I'm coming across more images with the same issue (in the same set of images after reimporting). Very frustrating!

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                              I just had the same thing happen with my images. About 200 out of 600 are showing up as corrupt. I use a combination of a D300 and a D3 camera with LR. I'm not sure what the deal is but if only a few images are causing the rest to show up as corrupt, how would I go about finding the corrupt one?
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                                I, too, have been having this problem. I have always imported my images using a card reader (RAW, from two Canon 40D bodies). Of late it has become such a problem that I started copying the images to two separate drives before importing from one into Lightoom.

                                Problem is, when I find an image that is labeled in Lightroom as corrupt, I am ALSO unable to open the copy (made before importing into Lightroom) on the other drive. This tells me it is most likely NOT a Lightroom issue.

                                This is a pretty tough nut, 'cause (in my case) these are wedding images.
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                                  J McWilliams Level 4
                                  > Problem is, when I find an image that is labeled in Lightroom as corrupt, I am ALSO unable to open the copy (made before importing into Lightroom) on the other drive. This tells me it is most likely NOT a Lightroom issue.

                                  Especially if you're cross testing with PS or another capable application. Hope it's limited to one body only, and you can figure out what causes it.
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                                    I have heard that this issue can come from deleting some pictures while shooting on a card, so i plan on not deleting any pictures after formating my card and seeing if i run into this problem any more (i use lightroom and cs3, d300 , vista and have been getting this problem more then id like.) im not sure if i have had this problem when using my Extreme III sandisk cf yet but i know i have had it with my offbrands for sure.
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                                      happens to me -
                                      I got a new KIngston 8GB SD card class 6 - wonder if it is a card issue,

                                      will try to see if it happens again if i never delete images from teh camera.

                                      Apple Preview could open the corrupt NEF files and save them as Tiff... but Lightroom wont deal even with the copies.

                                      wonder if it is a mem card issue....
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                                        Okay I am about 90% sure I have solved this problem for myself.
                                        One bad stick of RAM. That's it. Here's a list of problems that can be caused by it.
                                        Won't wake from sleep,
                                        corrupt files,
                                        corrupt HD,
                                        program quitting,
                                        and the list goes on.
                                        And it doesn't always show up.

                                        I had all of these problems. I figure this piece of ram started causing problems about 2 or 3 years ago. LR must have really been using the RAM and caused the problems to multiply enough for me to check into it. Now that I've isolated the bad ram my fan isn't racing either.

                                        I'll be very surprised if I have this problem anymore.
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                                          I have the same error on my Nikon D3 and with a Lexar 8GB 300x UDMA card
                                          at least 2, 3% of all my imports have had the "an unexpected end-of-file occured" error, where no matter what i do the files are lost.

                                          I am 99,9% sure, that Nikon or Lexar has the problem and am curious to see if others have the same kinda experiance.

                                          Never had this error in the past on Ridata, Sandisk or Canon EOS 1, EOS 1DMARK II.

                                          I noticed that alot of you with errors here, are Nikon NEF users. Maybe there is a pattern there.

                                          I will almost 100% rule out that Lightroom has anything to do with it, cause its done on the card and maybe in times where the camera has to read fast bursts.

                                          Does anybody recognize this?
                                          ATB Sofus
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                                            jbm007 Adobe Community Professional
                                            I have a Nikon D3 and I am using SanDisk Extreme Ducati edition 8 gb and I am not having that issue.

                                            Have imported 3500 files so far all .NEF s and have had no issues.

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                                              I had the same problem with my NEF files from my D40. I tracked it down to one of my SD cards that had 6 pictures (NEF) that were corrupt. I used PhotoRec (http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec) with thanks to Richard Williams comments (http://photo.net/nikon-camera-forum/00KFFT) to recover the files on the card. It wasn't super user friendly but it did work well. The way it works is to find the actual picture data and rebuild the file structure around it. While it did rename the files to some apparent random numbering system, it was able to recover them. Hope this helps.

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                                                I have a slightly different problem. All my imports are fine. However once in a while i'll find an old NEF file ahas suddenly got an end of file error. Today it was one from dec07 which I haven't touched in months and was fine a few days ago. Sounds like it isn't a LR problem, but anyone any ideas of how this occurs?
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                                                  same here - I used my D80 way less end of file errors -
                                                  was looking at an imported NEF the day I shot it - was fine -
                                                  the next day I tried to access the same file. End of File Error.

                                                  But previous day seemed fine.
                                                  PS does not open these error files - but Apple's Preview can and I can resave them as Tiff
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                                                    J McWilliams Level 4
                                                    Mike, Stefano-

                                                    Do you do RAW + JPEG?
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                                                      J McWilliams Level 4
                                                      It's hard to believe that LR causes this, as it doesn't alter the file itself, but it's more likely that a system hiccup does this. There was another long thread about this not long ago.
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                                                        A fix will go into the next dot release to address spurious end of file errors on NEFs.
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                                                          thanks - will it fix already imported files?
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                                                            I shoot RAW only, various Nikon DLSR's (ranging from D70s, D2x, D100, D200, D300, D700) to many CF cards (Sandisk & Lexar). I've used microdrives in the past. I import with card readers and sometimes I delete in camera quite a bit. I've never had any trouble save for:

                                                            One particular card, an 8 gig Lexar that usually spits out "unexpected end of file" NEF's. After deleting the bad NEF's, I can reimport those particular images and usually the second try is fine (I think once it took 3 times). It doesn't matter what I do, which camera or reader or computer - the card almost always has at least one bad file, sometimes up to a half dozen. I've returned the card to Lexar and the "replacement" (I didn't bother to mark it or note any identifying info) does the same thing. I keep meaning to throw it out, but it's sort of my card of last resort if I fill all my 16 giggers and I use it for non critical stuff from time to time. It was the last Lexar I ever purchased, since then it's been Sandisk.

                                                            I don't know if this adds anything to the discussion. These bad NEF's haven't seemed to bother LR beyond the error message and sometimes a garbled preview. *shrug*

                                                            BTW - very pleased with LR 2.1 - I know I complained quite a bit after the LR 2 roll out, but the update made me happy. Still not perfect, but it works.
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                                                              sorry if this is rude, but I have a NEF with "end of file" error. I need this photo, because I don`t have the product shoot anymore..
                                                              Can some of you guys convert my error file to tiff??? pls.

                                                              pls. contact me if you can... sasooo@fx3x.com
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                                                                J McWilliams Level 4

                                                                Most helpful if you post the file so many can d/l and give it a shot. More chances for your success, more chance for us to learn.
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                                                                  usually I can open those files in Apple Preview and save as Tiff or PSD...
                                                                  just open it with someting that is not Adobe... I have a few of those files - hopefully there is going to be a solution soon
                                                                  how can upload some of the images that give me the end-of-file error
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                                                                    I've found a solution. This is not a lightroom issue.

                                                                    First the Equipment:
                                                                    Nikon D300
                                                                    Canon EOS 5D
                                                                    Vista 32bit

                                                                    The message appeared Today - yesterday everything was fine.
                                                                    I suspected the Memorycard, replaced it, replaced that one also, nothing helped. Replaced my Cardreader - still messed up Pictures.

                                                                    I tried my other Computer - everything ok !

                                                                    It had to be the Vista-Box.
                                                                    I tried different USB-Ports and plugged the Camera in.
                                                                    Still corrupted Files.

                                                                    So i uninstalled ALL USB- Root-Hubs, Controllers and so on in the device Manager. -> Use a PS/2 Mouse for that ;)

                                                                    If it asks you to restart click cancel until there's nothing left to uninstall. (Some entries will remain).

                                                                    Then restart.
                                                                    Everything shoud work fine now.

                                                                    That worked for me.

                                                                    If it had not - i would have reinstalled Vista.

                                                                    Hope it helps.
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                                                                      Mirko, this is a link to a lengthy Microsoft Technet thread on the problem you have had. At least one of the problems turned out to be a wireless laser remote adapter for Media Center. I use a wired USB mouse, wired USB keyboard, and USB 2.0 downloader all connected through my monitor hub and have no problems with them on Vista 64 bit and had no problems with them previously on Vista 32 bit.
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                                                                        my problem to: usb card reader->Lightroom, fire wire card reader ->Lightromm, card reader -> dirk -> Lightroom.

                                                                        Can't open broken Files in CNx (Nikon), but reimport and the Files wer OK???

                                                                        We need an Filter for corrupt files.

                                                                        Dear Michael (Germany, sorry for bad English)
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                                                                          "There was an unexpected end of file error"

                                                                          Add me to this list too!

                                                                          I'm shooting w/Nikon D300 and importing my raw files from SanDisk Extreme III 4 GB through the

                                                                          actual USB port inside the camera (because I lost my previous card reader) and downloading them using the

                                                                          Image Capture Application.  When I go to open the Raw images in PS the file will be blank and that message appears.

                                                                          When I open the file in Preview it shows the file as an image w/those artifact looking lines runnin up n down ruining the image.

                                                                          I noticed this started happening sometime around the same time my Mac had applications unexpectedly quitting a lot.


                                                                          The big question is how to "recover" these images if they are completely lost. will running the card readers Image Rescue work?

                                                                          Unfortunately I don't have the original copy because I formatted that card when I had another shoot shortly after that one.

                                                                          If we can't recover how do we make sure it doesn't keep happening? I never heard of this sort of thing before. It sounds like

                                                                          they happen in different situations. This is driving me nuts!

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                                                                            Hal P Anderson Level 6

                                                                            Try this: in your D300's "Wrench" menu, set USB to"Mass Storage". Now, when you connect to the computer, the camera will look like another disk drive to the computer, and you can drag photos from the camera to some folder on one of your hard drives in Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder. Then try to import to LR from that folder and see what happens.


                                                                            If you still have trouble, try using a different card. If you have a different cable, you might try that.


                                                                            Card readers are cheap. It would be worth it to replace the one you lost.



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                                                                              antonephoto Level 1

                                                                              Thanks for advice I must be the only photographer not using Lightroom so I'd be using just the

                                                                              Raw format editing program. Are you saying this trick has to be done in Lightroom?  This error

                                                                              was happening w/out Lightroom, so I'm not sure why many people think it's a Lightroom issue.

                                                                              I need to get it just got to wait on a few more paychecks....


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                                                                                John Blair Level 3

                                                                                There are at least a half dozen different image rescue/recovery 

                                                                                programs.  I have found that they work in different ways and have 

                                                                                different results, so you may need to try more than one.  Many have 

                                                                                free sample programs which will show you whether they will work or 

                                                                                not but not allow you save the recovered images until you pay the 

                                                                                purchase price.  I reformat my CF cards after every use.  When I was 

                                                                                trying to recover a few images, I also found a lot of images from 

                                                                                months earlier that could still be recovered.  It doesn't hurt to try.


                                                                                Good luck!



                                                                                John G. Blair Studio

                                                                                Occidental, California

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                                                                                  Hal P Anderson Level 6

                                                                                  No, it doesn't need to be done in Lightroom. Just drag and drop in the finder or Windows explorer.The trick is to set up your camera to look like a disk drive.


                                                                                  You're asking questions in a Lightroom forum, so the obvious supposition is that you're having trouble with Lightroom.



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                                                                                    I was going back to rework some 2007 wedding images shot in NEF because I did not want to rework the JPG's. They were shot with a D70s.

                                                                                    I was getting unexpected end of file messages occuring with the NEF files. It seems to me that particular wedding HD had eventually malfunctioned a bit and when I had copied everything over, it copied the defects onto the new HD of course. It seems that my backup disc was non-existant for the original NEF's because I had relabled an NEF disc with that wedding date wrong so I did not actually have the original NEF's on disc, just the JPG's for that wedding. Usually, if I have a problem, I have the backup disc to play with besides the extra HD. In this case, I have two HD's with the "broken files". Lucky for me, I do have the JPG's all backed up and correctly labled.

                                                                                    I usually place original NEF's on two HD's immediately and to disc. When I make JPG, I also get them on two HD's and then I backup the JPG to disc.

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