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    how to show itmes once at a time

      I am new to Flash, currently I am trying to design a educational flash quiz, I want to know how to make my answer boxes only hold one answer at a time instead on being able to place more than one answer in a box all at the same time? I have been stuck here all day and cant figure out the codes.

      Please anyone helps me out??

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          I'm not sure what you are refering to when you say answer boxes, but if you are using a CheckBox component then you might want to use a RadioButton instead. Just give them the same group name (in "parameters" panel of the properties inspector) and they will only allow one to be selected at any one time.

          But maybe i missunderstod you?
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            chrisodea Level 1
            Hi, Devdoc,

            I might not explain the situation clear. normally you provide all answers and let the users drag them to the targets. But what I like to achieve is by clicking a 'next item' button' to show users more choices. I have a sample here but I do not know how to post it here, it is a .swf document and saved locally.