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    Prompt Dialog Box for Empty Text Fields

      I've created a questionair. It has three fields - name, email, question. All the input text fields are in a movie clip called "form". Right now when you click on the submit button it sends the info in the text fields (via the "form" movie clip) goes to a thank you screen (it all works fine):

      on (release) {
      form.loadVariables("email.php", "POST");

      However, I want it to prompt a dialog box when the text fields are left empty, or an @ symbol is left out of the email text field. Any help would be most appreciative. thanks.
        • 1. Prompt Dialog Box for Empty Text Fields
          on (release) {
          name.text = ""
          msgbox.text = "Enter a Name"
          next check...

          sorry im just tying with nothing in front of me however that isa the basic format

          for the e-mail I believe an if e-mail.text <> *@*.* then should work. or something to that effect I have done it before just cant remember off the top of my head.

          If ya need more help e-mail me