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    Working with libraries/catalogs in Photoshop Lightroom

    Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      So, you have a question or two or three about Lightroom Libraries/Catalogs. Not to worry, Adobe have provided a  TechNote , which is aimed at addressing questions such as:

      Note: with the introduction of Lightroom version 1.1 Adobe have replaced the term "Library" with "Catalog"

      1. How many files can I have in my library?

      2. What is the largest photo size I can import into Photoshop Lightroom?

      3. Can I have more than one library?

      4. Can I store my library on a network drive?

      5. How can I use my library on multiple computers, such as a laptop and a desktop?

      6. How do I move photos from one library to another library?

      7. How can I back up my library?

      8. How can I transfer images from my hard disk to an external hard disk or to a CD/DVD when I run out of space? What happens to my library if I do this?