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    Wacom Tablet use with Lightroom 2

      Recently I contacted Adobe Technical Support and to my supprise the Wacom Graphics Tablet in not compatible with LR 2. I would like to see the feature added to LR2...

      Thank, Frank Collins
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          hungchi Level 1
          Is it Wacom or adobe that should support wacom graphics tablet in LR2? I think it might be wacom software that isn't compatible with LR2, and they need to make it compatible.

          I don't think adobe made wacom tablets compatible with photoshop; I think it was wacom that made the tablet interface compatible.

          Maybe you should talk to Wacom tech support.
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            dcrebelxt Level 1
            What were the problems you are having...

            My main problem is the zoom in, zoom out (tap to zoom in works, but tapping again to go out wants to drag the image - an optional split second delay before a tap is registered as a move in LR would help, in case Adobe is listening...) though pressure sensitivity would be useful too for the paint too. The zoom in zoom out is such a problem that I revert to standard mouse in LR.

            I have a feeling its oversight, or lack of time to add that functionality by Adobe. Wacom's been around for awhile, and is compatible with normal Photoshop, so Adobe clearly knows how to program to make use of it. Wacom doesn't have to update itself every time a new application comes out.
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              Walt...I have the same feeling as David...It worked fine in LR 1.4.1 and in PSCS3, so why would Wacom be responsible for the update...I didn't go into all of the problems I have had, but here are a few...when using the Brush, if I try to do to much with it, the app goes of to see the wizard...blank screen and then seems to recover and then go back to work...also, the sliders go crazy...-4 to + 4 and never settle down until I wait for much time...

              Really, I don't care who fixes it, but I really could use the Wacom in my workflow with LR2...I hope someone will get a ball rolling on this one...

              Thank you both for the input....Frank
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                hungchi Level 1
                Well Frank you have done what you can with adobe, you have talk to technical support and posted here. If you feel this is a Adobe issue that's great.

                If this is important to you; I don't think it would hurt to contact wacom technical support, and see if there is anything on their end. Worst case, they tell you that it is and adobe issue; best case, they fix the problem.
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                  tunney moriarty Level 2
                  I'm on Windows XP with Sp3 and a new Dell system. I have been using a Wacom Tablet for years and have no problems with LightRoom 2.1 or previous versions including CS3. The tablet is an Intuos Intelligent Graphcs Tablet system (6" x 8") The only problem that I do have with LightRoom and CS3 is that it does not always zoom in and out like it is supposed to. Everything else is ok. BTW, I would check with Wacom on your tablet system as there was an updated driver for mine dated the 25 Sept 08, which I d/l and installed.

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                    so at this date, I understand LR 2.1 does not support Wacom graphics tablet and pen? This means, no pen pressure recognition with the brush correcting tool, am I correct?

                    Just wanna be sure before I purchase the tablets which primary use would be the LR brush tool.
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                      I have recently upgraded to LR 2.1...Same problem with Wacom...Especially with the Brush...it is very slow and does not react to commands. It's like the more I use it, the slower it gets. Then if I wait for a while, it may or may not return to something I can use....I noticed that Matt K's newest video on LR Killer Tips (NAPP) refers to the "sluggish" brush....well, maybe I'm not imagining this problem....I have 4GB, AMD Athlon x2 3.5 Ghz...What is happening....

                      Thanks for listening...Frank
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                        ianbutty Level 1

                        Did anyone ever find a solution to this?  Just got a Wacom Bamboo tablet and I can't get the zoom out to work (LR 2.5) - exactly as described here.