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    CF/Flex Application Wizard Details Page

    craigkaminsky Level 3

      Not sure if this is possible (seems like it should be). I have the following data model in SQL Server (2005):
      table name (relevant columns)
      person (first name, last name)
      member (member number)*
      contact (email)*
      location (state)*

      Person is the base object/table and the other three tables have foreign keys connecting them to the person table (all have a personId column).

      I setup a master page, no problem. I can grab the person's first and last name, member number, email and state and display them on the member-master page.

      The issue comes when I go to create a member details page. I can step through and create the necessary form fields from the tables (connecting them all via their common personId column). When I go to save the detail's page details, Eclipse (v3.2.x) crashes on me. Every time. However, if I only create a form for the details page with two tables (say member and person data), I can create the details page and use it without any issues.

      To get around this seeming two-table limitation, I edited the Adobe/CF generated content to manually add the beans, DAOs, gateways and AS files for the other tables. Doing this does create the desired details page, however, Flex and CF are REALLY slow to grab/return the requested data to the respective form fields (and there is not that much to grab in any of these tables).

      I'd like to know if this is just how I have to go about it. Does the CF/Flex Application Wizard have a limit on how many tables can be joined in a details page?

      I have a project with a much more complex data model and would love to generate a quick application for my client to check out and I do not know if I've encountered a limit of the application or if I am doing something wrong in the Query Builder itself?

      Also, any thoughts on why Flex and CF would be so slow to return the data when I manually added the other tables to the details page form? I'm on an intra-office network, connecting to a computer via an ethernet router and the sample DB only has 2000 records in it...all with simple text and date columns?

      Sorry for the long post and thanks, very much, in advance for any thoughts or advice.