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    Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition 4.0

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      I have dozens of photos saved to this edition. When I click on "my photos" I get all the thumbs, but each photo has an inverted yellow triangle and when I click on the thumb I get "file not found". They must be somewhere. I've gone to the Windows search menu, typed in the name of the photo file name, but nothing comes up. How do I restore these photos? Where are they? How can there be thumbs but no photos?

      Any assistance would be welcome.
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          Hi Lucius,

          I'm trying to remember what this version did. You are in the wrong forum
          at this point. I think Photo Deluxe preceeded Photoshop Elements. Can
          you confirm this?

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            I have used Photo Deluxe for 8 years. It is far more compact and far easier to use than Elements which is all bells and whistles. Take the slow mail hopeless clone tool in Elements for example.

            Any chance of an Adobe Photo deluxe Society being formed.

            Cliff Watkins, Beckenham, Kent, England
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              Hi Cliff,

              Well, the closest that we have to that is a Photoshop Album, but that
              obviously came after PhotoDeluxe. I'm sure if you google the net, there
              is something out here, but Adobe hasn't supported Photoshop Album for a
              couple of years at this point.

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                Hi Lucius,

                What I guess, given the behaviour of other similar Adobe applications(Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition) is that you might have renamed the files at their actual location, or moved them from there.That's when the thumbnails show the missing files icon.Actually such applications store the file location and if the files get moved from that location then, the file not found message is popped.

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                  Could you help me please? I am trying to learn how to paste to the clipboard in Photodeluxe Home Edition 4. I can't seem to get started or even find the clipboard.

                  Help would be appreciated.

                  Sylvie. Huntingdon Cambs.
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                    You are getting the yellow triangle because you have moved the origional photo to a new folder or renamed the photo or the folder. The thumbnail in photoshop is actually a kind of short cut to the origional file. When you save a copy in photo shop it saves the path name to the origional file and if you move or rename the file photoshop cannot find it, hence the triangle. If you still have the file on your computer you can try double clicking on the thumbnail in photoshop. It should then give you the option to reconnect or delete the file. (you are only deleting the file from photo shop, not the origional). You want to click reconnect and photoshop will then scan your computers photo files to find the missing origional file. If the origional file is no longer on your computer the program will not be able to reproduce it.
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                      I have a problem that just started. I have Adobe PhotoDeluxe home editon 3.0. I have windows xp. Everything went just fine, until my recent photo I just tried to open in photodeluxe.
                      It give me an error message saying my scratch disk is full and is unable to open the current image. I need to delete items in my scratch disk?

                      What is a scratch disk? and where do I find it to delete things?

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                        hi how cud i get free download of adobe photo deluxe please help i cant afford to buy.. fro the philippines..
                        thanks a lot for blessing!! more power my email is r_mchale10@yahoo.com
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                          I just acquired a CD of Photo Deluxe Hoime Edition 4.0 but am unable to install it under Windows XP. In checking the PDF on the CD it only lists it as running up to NT4.0.

                          I've been running 3.0 for years, but it recently started acting up (won't start at times, crashes unexpecrewdly, etc) so I thought I'd upgrade to v4.

                          I tried setting the SETUP program's compabability mode, but still no luck.

                          Any suggestions?
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                            I got it to install....not sure what changed....the only difference was that I had shut down and powered up the next day, and the install now worked. I probably should have rebooted after uninstalling v3 and before attempting to install v4 the night before.

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                              where is the best place to buy Photodeluxe 4.o ? I didn't think they made it any longer, i have used 3.o for years and love it. Thank you !
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                                I couldn't say, the closest new product you can come to that is
                                Photoshop Elements 7.0.

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                                  I have been using Adobe Deluxe Home Edition 4.0 for a number of years. Today when I attempted to scan an image, there was an error message "Could not complete your request because the primary scratch disk is full. We suggest that you free some space on your scratch drive before continuing." What is a "primary scratch disk/drive" and how do I go about freeing some space? Thanks for any help.
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                                    I have been using PD4 over the last five years and have never had a problem installing it. I have a Dell XPS410 and it's been having problems. I had to run the MS Restore and then Dell installed a new Motherboard. Immediately following that, I installed PD4 with no problems at all. BUT, Dell then installed a new Hard Drive so I had to start all over again with installing my programs. I tried to install PD4 and encountered a problem. It installed about 500 photos and graphic images, but no program. Never before has it installed those pictures, other than the few that are contained within the program itself. It's like somebody traded CDs on me. But, I happen to have two disks for PD4 and they both did exactly the same thing. What am I doing wrong that I can't install the program instead of hundreds of photos and graphics? This has never happened before but I have to wonder if maybe those graphics were there all the time and just never installed. I now have 4.0gig memory instead of just the 1.0 I had before the new hard drive was installed. Help!
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                                      I have been using Adobe Photo Deluxe 3 for years. It came as a freebee with a scanner I bought many years ago.
                                      This is the best Photo retouching program I have ever used. I have Photoshop Elements but it will not do what Photo Deluxe will do. Paticularly the clone tool. The one in Elements is impossible to use. I have even been making original drawings ant paintings with Photo Deluxe. I can't understand why they have abandoned it.
                                      Since installing it on a new Gateway computer last summer, with Windows XP, I have been having a problem with the program. Every couple of weeks or so, it goes goofy and gives me a "photo Deluxe must close now" when I try to open it. Restarting the computer will not fix the problem, it will not open.
                                      I then Have to uninstall it and re-install the program. It will then work fine for a week or two then quit working again. I have gone through this about half a dozen times. Anybody else have this problem?
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                                        Does anyone know how I can get hold of adobe photo de luxe 4, as I have lost my disc. any help would be appreciated.


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                                          It appeared that you could download 4.0 at the Adobe site, but I attempted it and it didn't work. I have used PD 3.0 since 2000, it's simple and perfect for my needs.

                                          Now it wont open. I get the initial screen, but it goes no further. I uninstalled it, and popped the disk in and nothing happens. I found installation instructions online and that didn't work either.

                                          I am very frustrated as I want to do some photo stuff and I can't figure out how to use that one the Google offers.

                                          I am 'computer-stupid' so the PD 3.0 was perfect for me.

                                          Any advice on installing this again???

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                                            Try ebay or Amazon..  I saw one on Amazon recently, so I'm sure ebay will have them also...   

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                                              I have been using Adobe PhotoDeluxe 3.0 for 15 years or so. My disk would no longer install on my desktop computer (an XP). I have now purchased another 3.0 which would not load, so recently purchased a 4.0 and it does the same thing. The initial little picture(movie) comes up, but then when I select Install, the CD rom stop??? My old 3.0 is still functioning on my laptop, but I need the program on my desktop. I have now spent over $100 in software trying to get this program on my desktop. There simply isn't another program like it. I shut down all virus software as it said and it still won't load. Any help would be so much appreciated.


                                              Thank you. Jill

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                                                I can't help you Jill, sorry... 


                                                My problems are different but I love my photodeluxe I had to find ways around it and I finally did..


                                                I have had a terrible time with Vista.  Adobe does NOT support its older products, so Vista is not compatible with the 3.0 or the 4.0 photodeluxe.. The drivers are different and I have not been able to get my scanner to operate. So I had to buy an HP scanner and printer combo. (scans pretty good) The good news for me is that the 4.0 does load, won't work, but does download and I can use the software on the pictures etc., that I scan in with HP.. What a crazy thing my PC is loaded with extra non-working software... So that's my fix....

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                                                  If you get a scratch disk error, go to Help in Photodeluxe, click on Index, and type "scratch disk". You will see the following instructions:


                                                  PhotoDeluxe Home Edition uses both installed memory (RAM) and scratch disk virtual memory to perform most operations, but some operations (such as using the Distort filters) run exclusively in RAM. When Home Edition has insufficient RAM to perform these operations, the application displays an error message and does not complete the operation.
                                                  Before allocating more memory to Home Edition, make sure you have at least 32 MB of RAM on your computer.


                                                  To allocate more memory to Home Edition:


                                                  1  At the top of your screen, choose File > Preferences > Memory Preferences.
                                                  2  Increase the Used by PhotoDeluxe value to no more than 75% (Windows 95 or Windows 98) or 65% (Windows NT), and then click OK.

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                                                    Had the same problem, tried everything to no

                                                    avail. While looking for solutions i come across

                                                    a program called Pareto logic. It guaranteed

                                                    repairing Adobe Photo deluxe 4.0 and B I.

                                                    Sure enough i downloaded it and it fixed the

                                                    problem. Cost 30 bucks, cheaper then a new

                                                    program. It's called Pareto Logic PC Health Advisor.

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                                                      On that

                                                      Adobe Photo deluxe Home Edition post...

                                                      Cancel that reply. Parelogic PC Health Advisor

                                                      DOES NOT WORK, That's a NOT ! It worked once and then quit.

                                                      So scratch that. Sorry folks.

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                                                        Is it free like it says it is??

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                                                          agreed, did not work for us