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    PhotoShop Album SE 3.0


      I have had to uninstall this product for two reasons. If anyone can sort them out I would be grateful.

      1. It does not work correctly with multiple users in XP Home Edition - i.e. catalogues are built from other users folders, even after each users preferences have been set, and then:

      2. it finally refused to open any catalog or any other folder with the message
      "The ODBC data source retuned the following error
      (internal error: data not found)

      This problem was created by PS Album SE 3.0 as it was possible to do that, albeit with the wrong user folder's etc for a couple of hours before it screwed up.

      Pity, as I thouhght it might be useful.

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          I think Photoshop Album SE 3.0 supports only one catalog. It is the same catalog for every user. <br /><br />Please remove the preference file psa.prf from "C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album\3.0" for every user and then reinstall Photoshop Album SE 3.0. <br /><br />Hope this helps.