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    Loader Component problem in IE

    Flamebg Level 1
      Check out this code:

      this.onEnterFrame = function() {
      amount = this.picture_mc.pictureAnim_mc.bigPicLoader_ldr.bytesLoaded/this.picture_mc.pictureAnim_m c.bigPicLoader_ldr.bytesTotal*80;
      loadAnim_mc._alpha = 80-amount;
      if (amount == 80) {
      _root.notLoadedYet = false;
      delete this.onEnterFrame;
      this.picture_mc.pictureAnim_mc.bigPicLoader_ldr.contentPath = _root.sliced+"images/bigPics/"+_root.bigPicToLoadUrl+"/big"+_root.bigPicToLoadType+"Pic00 "+_root.bigPicToLoadNumber+".jpg";

      So the problem is that ... when I start this code ( this is only a part of the whole code) it load the pic showing the progress with a pic that goes invisible till the pic is fully loaded and then the pic appears. In mozilla and opera it works perfect but in IE this code that is inside onEnterFrame doesn't work at all. So to spea this row is not working:
      amount = this.picture_mc.pictureAnim_mc.bigPicLoader_ldr.bytesLoaded/this.picture_mc.pictureAnim_m c.bigPicLoader_ldr.bytesTotal*80;
      So the picture never shows up. Imagine this code is called with a button. In IE first time pic is not loaded at all but if u click on the button again it shows up imediately.. which means the pic really loaded but the progress didn't really happened = the pic showing the progress never disappeared and the pic never showed up (this.picture_mc.gotoAndPlay(2);) cuz amount never got = 80;

      So can anyone of you here people tell me.. is this a bug in Flash with loader component and these metods bytesLoaded and bytesTotal or I am doing something wrong? And the most strangest thing is that it works in Opera and Mozilla correct and in IE that problem I described happens...

      Waiting for replies .. IF u want test it out .. hope someone have answer for me..
      or at least idea what other way I can display this progress of loading pics in the loader.

      10x in advance :]