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    Action Script 2 or 3

      That about says it all. I'm finding a lot more tutorials and examples of Action Script 2 on the web, but it looks like Action Script 3 is more powerful. It's a shame that a lot of the language in 2 doesn't work in 3.

      So I'm asking a little helpful advice here, which way would you go? I'm leaning to 3 but don't want to get into something that may have to be rewritten in 2 later on for compatibility.
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          sly one Level 1
          AS3 is really new so there are vey few tutorials. AS3 only plays on Flash Player 9 and above.

          It's a tough call since Player 9 has not reached full penetration yet. But if it were me I would skip AS2. They are very different and it'd be twice the work to learn both, only to discard what you learned about AS2 in a year.