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    Water splash

    paulge Level 1
      I want to paste two or three cranes into the splashes they would create if the were flapping their wings in shallow water---lotsa water flying about. Angle would ideally be parallel to water; birds/water filling about a third of the frame. I have the crane images.

      Does anyone know of a tutorial for this, or where I might look?


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          OldBob1957 Level 4
          I'd start with a google image search for splash and go from there; either creating or modifying/copying the likely image or images.

          Edit to add: I don't know if any of the more popular texture programs like Alienskin have water splashes. Might be worth looking in to. . .
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            paulge Level 1
            I haven't yet found something useful on Google, but I'll look into Alienskin.

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              Level 1
              If I were to do something like that I would go look for "Splash" at Google images like OldBob said and pick out the images that have a solid colored background so it can be removed.

              I would do an Advanced Search for the largest photos possible.