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    Multiple sounds, Multiple Frustrations

    BSpero Level 1
      Hey all,
      I haven't gotten any responses to my previous sound questions, but I assume that is because the answer is obvious and I should know better. However, I am still struggling. I have a few basic questions that make up my lack of understanding of sound in flash. An example is... I have a narrator reading off questions of a quiz. The first time I create the sound object "narrationSound", I have him read an intro. Next, it needs to move on to the first question, etc. I try to detect when the sound ends by using onSoundComplete, which works once it seems. I do use the same sound ID for the next sound, so perhaps I am not deleting the first one properly. I don't want to create a new sound ID for every sound, because the sounds are played on the fly, and could come up in any order. It would be hard to keep checking for the end of every sound, even if only one of 50 were playing. I pasted some code in an earlier post, but have since been changing mine to try different stuff. I think there is an overall understanding of how sound works that I just don't have. I come from Director where you can assign sounds to a sound channel, and when you replace the sound in the channel with a new one, the old one stops and new one starts. So you could control narration by just dealing with one sound channel. I would like to try to do this on some level with the sound ID. Any thoughts?