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    Problems with Internet Explorer

      Dear community,

      I am running into some strange problems at the moment. I have a litte flash movie built with as3.0 . I testet it with firefox and it works perfectly. But with IE 6 or 7, I get stuck. The movie has a little preloader. Actually this is just an animation. In the background a little loader loads the necessary files. After that, I dispatch an event that the main program listens for. This will remove the animation and display the main page. So far so godd. But, in IE nothing happesn. The animation play but the loader hangs. IE 6 tells me something of an error in history.htm. But revmoving the named lines didn't do any better. It's still the same. I've also tried several options. allowing all the content of the specified site etc...nothing works.

      What I do not understand is that the page works perfectly in firefox or the stand alone player. Only IE seems to have problems.

      I'd be glad if anyone could give me a hint where to look for the problem or maybe how to fix it.