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    Flex and Mysql

    cliffy2009 Level 1
      Hi everyone,
      I am trying to see how i could have 15 numbers in a database, and this number will display 15 textbox with size=1.
      how can i do it with flex or Is there anyway I can do it using Flex and PHP or Ajax or Javascript? Please help me. Thank you.
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          gaurav_ch Level 1

          you have to take help from php or aspx or coldfusion along with flex to communicate with mysql database. flex itself cannot do so.

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            I'm developing an application that use MySQL everywhere. I'm using a technology that connect Flex to Mysql using PHP. The name is AMFPHP.

            you can have all the information here:


            Intallation is very easy and there are video tutorials there. I'm using the version 1.9 beta and the performance is excellent.

            There are different aproches for that (Ajax, colfusion, and anothers gateways) but I recomend you AMFPHP. It's well documented and has been outside for a while.