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    cfinclude within cfoutput or cfloop won't work when trying to create a doc using cfheader

      am trying to create a word document by using the following code (see below). The doc does get created but with only the first record.

      Have tried using cfloop instead of cfoutput and it does the same thing.

      When i comment out the cfheader tag the results are displayed without any problem.

      <cfquery name="getprinthtml" datasource="#dsn#">
      SELECT abstractDirectory
      FROM Abstract_tbl
      WHERE (Abstract_ID IN (#url.abslist#))

      <cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="attachment; filename=AbsList.doc">

      <cfoutput query="getprinthtml" startrow="1" maxrows="#getprinthtml.recordcount#">
      <cfinclude template="/uploads/#getprinthtml.abstractDirectory#/#getprinthtml.abstractDirectory#_prin t.html">

      any ideas?