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    How can i access to a object inside an exported clip?


      I have exported a moviclip of my library to use it in as3. I know how to do that, and I can access to the new created class and can display it in the stage.

      ¿Do u know how could I access to a textfield inside this clip?

      For Example:

      I have a clip in my library with a shape and a text field called boxtext.
      I export it to the library with the class id "myclip". I linkage it.
      I create a class object in my as3 class and make an instance of this new clip with name InsMyClip.
      I attach the class to the stage: addChild(displayObject(InsMyClip))

      All ok.


      How can I insert a text value in the boxtext field of the created class? It's a class and I think that is needed to make a method...

      Thanks a lot.